OneSubsurface Recruiter FAQ

How is different from other places where I can advertise my oil & gas vacancies? is the world’s only dedicated site for the engine of O&G companies; the subsurface team

  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Petroleum Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Geophysicist
  • Petrophysicist
  • Team Leaders

Our audience visits this site for one reason: Because we have the most roles on one website. That’s why we are the youngest site on the first page of google for ‘reservoir engineer jobs‘.

How much does it cost to use

$49 … and we will refund 100% if you don’t think it was good value

  • Featured, 28 days, $49 USD: Your featured job is highlighted and pinned to the top of the search, ensuring that your role is seen by the majority of our subsurface users. The top job slot is seen over 20000 times each month.

How many people visit

We publish our stats monthly.

Who are your users?

Oil and gas is a truly diverse and global workforce and our users reflect that too.

Over 95% of our users are experienced professionals.

How many applicants can I expect?

Our average is 25 applications per job. Featured jobs are usually much higher. Your number of applicants will depend on your job category and the job itself.

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