July Infograph and Competition

ReservoirEngineerJobs.com analysed four of the most popular jobs boards to see who has the most reservoir engineer listings in the last 30 days: Rigzone, Oilandgasjobsearch, LinkedIn and Reservoirengineerjobs. We present a ‘like for like’ comparison on the four different websites.

We’ve laid out the steps below so you can replicate these steps yourself


On Monday July 20 (02:30 GMT), we analysed the four sites for active ‘reservoir engineer’ job listings. The listings must have been added within one month i.e. listed on or after June 20.

In alphabetical order the results were

  • LinkedIn.com: 60 live RE jobs
  • Oilandgasjobsearch.com: 55 live RE jobs
  • Reservoirengineerjobs.com: 131 live RE jobs
  • Rigzone.com: 61 live RE jobs

See below for more details on how to replicate your own comparison.

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Reservoirengineerjobs.com — 131 RE Jobs

For ReservoirEngineerJobs.com that process was simple as every listing on our site is a unique reservoir engineering role (verified by checking recruiters job listing URL) so we simply looked at the number of listings on our site.

A simple way for you to verify the amount is to use our reservoir engineer jobs map showing all live listings.

Reservoir Engineer Jobs Map

Oilandgasjobearch.com — 55 RE Jobs

On their job search for we entered “reservoir engineer’ and selected Job Posted Date to be “in the last month”.

Clicking this link should provide the same search parameters as we used.


Note: This is a ‘live search’ link so it update each day and will likely provide a different number of jobs than we have used at this exact moment

Oilandgasjobsearch Reservoir Engineer Exact Search

Rigzone.com — 61 RE Jobs

On Rigzone’s advanced search we entered “reservoir engineer” as our keyword, selected the “Petroleum Engineering” job category and the required skill as “Reservoir Engineering”.

Note: Without entering all 3 query parameters we found that job listings irrelevant to reservoir engineers were appearing – reservoir geophysicist, field production technologist or project manager. See screenshot here

Due to Rigzones job board software we cannot provide a ‘live’ search link so you will have to replicate the steps above manually

Rigzone Reservoir Engineer Exact Search

Linkedin.com — 60 RE jobs

LinkedIn we need to search Title as “Reservoir Engineer” and not under the Keywords. Similar to above, this is to remove results that aren’t for reservoir engineers.

LinkedIn Reservoir Engineer Exact Search



Infographic July 2015

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