Wellsite Geologist in United Arab Emirates

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Location United Arab Emirates
Date Posted March 21, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Wellsite Geologist - Qatar - 28/28 Rotation Offshore - 24 Month Contract

Senior Wellsite Geologist.

Ensure effective communication between all parties involved in the execution of Geological Operations programs at the well site.
Ensure Company Drilling representative is informed of all Geological information pertinent to optimize and safe execution of the drilling program.
Ensure company procedures and contractual terms are complied with onsite.
Ensure reliability, accuracy, completeness and confidentiality of the data acquired
Ensure the accuracy of the reporting of all matters related to the operations supervised

The wellsite geologist is the unique Geosciences representative at rigsite (for all type of wells), and as such:

Job holder will ensure operation geology support at rig site to fulfil well objectives.
Job holder will ensure geological description of drilled formations (including fluid identification)
Job holders will supervise data acquisition program, and coordinate workforce of contracted services (essentially but not exclusively: mud logging and wireline crews).
Job holder is the direct interlocutor of the Drilling representative
Job holder evaluates the performances of the services companies in his domain of activity and validates the job tickets

Number of people under the supervision of the holder: 8-10 (ML, WL, LWD)
Investments in the indirect responsibility of the holder: 1 MUSD to 2 MUSD per well depending on well complexity and well data acquisition.

Main contacts:
In base: Head of Well Geology and Operation petrophysics, Operation Geologists.
At rigsite: company man, drilling engineer, mud engineer, services companies
Out of the affiliate / external: wireline, mudlogging, coring and LWD services companies


Knowledge of Company HSE policy, rules and procedures (HSE MS) and in particular ISO14001 standard.
Observance of the company HSE policy, rules and procedures.
Promotes HSE standards in all wellsite formation evaluation acquisition activities
Participation to HSE activities and global improvement (e.g. referential, reporting, REX, audits, HSE action plans…)


Contributes to the COMPANY Asset Integrity initiative by reporting any anomaly, defect, bad practice, lack of equipment, lack of competence that could result in a major HSE incident or loss of production.


Participates actively, through the interpretation of all available data, in the identification and evaluation of drilling hazards (losses, gains, overpressure, H2S, swelling clays, etc.)
Takes on site decision to initiate coring, intermediate logging, to continue or halt drilling at casing points, etc., after the approval of Well Geology and Operations Petrophysics Entity.
Supervise geological operations and various well data acquisitions (mudlogging, logging, LWD, coring), control quality and validate the data.
Integrates all available data for optimized well steering and adjusts accordingly drilling targets while drilling.
Performs preliminary interpretation of reservoirs at the wellsite (quality, content), either during or at the end of a drilling phase, to optimize operational decisions.
Supervises the conditioning, labeling and transportation of all the rocks and fluid samples collected during the course of drilling.
Ensures the proper communication between the mud logging personnel and the drilling crews, particularly regarding mud pit level monitoring.
Contributes to the training of junior geologists.
Uses, improve, and develop specific interpretation techniques.


Supervises geological operations personnel and ensure that all equipments provided by contractors are in line with the program and contracts.
Carries out audit and quality control of equipments and services provided by contractors.
Witnesses operations and communicates on all issues to ensure safe optimized decisions for data acquisition.
Supervises and ensures regular testing and sensors calibration of Mud Logging equipment.


Guarantee and validate flow of wellsite data to the base.
Write up and keep updated all the documents and reports regarding well monitoring and geological operations.
Take part actively to the write up of the End of Well report.
When at the base, contributes to any Well geology and Operation Petrophysics activity: well preparation, SQM, experience feedback (REX), write-up of operating procedures, COMPANY and contractor's facilities visits.
Evaluates and quantifies petrophysical characteristics of the formations and their contents in close collaboration with Petrophysicists.


COMPANY operates field, covering:

Intensive development of mature fields, appraisal and potentially nearby exploration in the field
Challenging well planning and geosteering in already intensively drilled areas, with complex pore pressure variations along wellbore
Challenging geosteering in extended reached wells up to more than 20 000ft horizontal section


Qualifications :

Technical competencies in Operations Geology/Subsurface, Drilling, Mud-Logging, Log acquisition, Quantitative interpretation, Reservoir geology, Structural and sedimentary geology.
Good communication skills with both internal & external interlocutors.

Experience :

5-7 years varied experience in operation geology.
Very good written and spoken English.

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