Unconventional Reservoir Engineer (Advisor Level) in CABA

Location CABA, United States
Date Posted May 26, 2018
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent




Optimize the economic profitability of unconventional wells by achieving the ideal balance between maximizing the final well recovery (EUR) and reducing the cost of construction and stimulation, fulfilling the concept of a shale factory mode.


Main Functions

Analyze the behavior of unconventional wells to understand the response in performance to different variables such as fluid type, number and type of fractures, navigation level, well length, etc. Identify the sweet spots. Generate a data capture program that allows understanding the interaction between rock and hydraulic fracture. Design the ideal distance between wells by integrating various tools such as interference tests, pressure analysis during fracture, microseismic and numerical simulation. Integrate static and dynamic information from various data sources such as production, stimulation, geomechanics, special laboratory studies, petrophysics and well construction characteristics. Evaluate reserves applying probabilistic methods. Elaborate massive development plans in a multidisciplinary way together with drilling and workover, programming and logistics and CMASS. Establish the ideal drilling sequence. Develop flowback and well testing protocols. Determine optimal navigation levels based on the interpretation of production records (PLTs). Establish drawM down policies for the wells according to the effort to which the hydraulic fractures will be subjected and the type of fluid presentO design in conjunction with the fracture engineer, the type of support agent necessary in function of the poral pressure that he should estimate.

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