at Weatherford
Location الخبر, Saudi Arabia
Date Posted August 15, 2019
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Job Summary:
Responsible for coordinating, Planning and maintaining the Reservoir Fluids business on the track of sustainable growth

All the technical, QHSE, Operations etc. authorities assigned by the Organization
Authorized to stop any unsafe operations or acts within lab and sampling site.

Duties, Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
Plan, Schedule and Manage various reservoir fluids projects and ensure best practices are followed to produce optimum data quality results for Equation of State (EOS) modelling and reservoir engineering calculations.
Handle multiple routine and advanced PVT projects such as Black Oil, Volatile Oil and Gas Condensate studies from initial client contact to delivery of final report.
Handle technical sales and provide solutions based on reservoir services (EOR, flow assurance and PVT).
Forecasting and preparing monthly/quarterly/yearly budgetary flashes and achieve revenue growth, hit sales targets by managing the clients and their jobs.
Prepare technical and commercial proposals based on client scope of work.
Continuous liaison with clients, give presentations on different topics, propose the best sampling method and the analyses based on client scope of interest.
Develop and design PVT, EOR and Flow assurance studies, provides solutions to all the challenges to ensure uninterrupted flow from reservoir all the way to surface facilities.
Identifying and advising the reservoir management team to design the EOR gas injection by interpreting the EOR data to understand the possibilities of asphaltene flocculation by using different kind of injection gases and the percentage used to inject at different pressures.
Controls laboratory studies related to multi-phase flow behavior, asphaltenes, SARA, hydrates, wax and scale. liaises with client to ensure proper implementation of flow assurance strategies.
Use of simulation and laboratory analyses data to predict and assess solid formation, deposition, bedding and blockage behavior for hydrates, sand, wax, scale, asphaltenes, and other solids.
Identification and quantification of Oil Based Mud (OBM) contamination in hydrocarbon.
Liaise with client to develop, design and evaluate the Interfacial Tension (IFT) studies.
Provide leadership to the team/discipline, setting high expectations for behaviors consistent with our Code of Business Conduct, HSE and objectives and for execution of projects/activities
Provide data quality control and reporting
Manage sample receipt, restoration, transfers and Quality Checks related to PVT and compositional analysis
Ensure all routine experimental data capture is efficient and optimized, and data is of the highest quality Perform PVT experiments and process/evaluate data.
Conduct regular safety inspections, and develop appropriate safety standards for Lab
Provides technical support, train and mentor junior engineers. Involve in business development with new and existing customers.
Provide complete technical support with respect to Reservoir fluid analysis properties.
Provides technical leadership and support on a range of issues related to petroleum fluid analytics to the client.
Promptly and effectively deal with compliance and other performance issues in a manner consistent with company policies and practices.
Personality Traits: Devotion, dedication, goal oriented, team player and self-motivated.
Experience Required: Eight years plus (8+) experience in PVT, EOR and Flow Assurance Studies
Skills Requirements:
Initiative, decision making, leadership, diplomacy and team work
Meticulous attention to details system, commitment to safety
Good knowledge of laboratory systems, essential equipment
Communication skills in conjunction with fostering employee and client relationship
Computer literate, good knowledge of English and general knowledge of petroleum industry
Self-motivation leading to increased responsibilities
Educational Background: University degree in an appropriate subject


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