Subsurface Geomodeller - UAE

at Holborn Energy Group
Location United Arab Emirates
Date Posted September 20, 2016
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 15


We are looking for a world-class seasoned subsurface geomodeller with excellent hands-on technical capabilities and experience who can also lead more junior staff in the implementation of state-of-the-art geomodelling techniques. This position is a senior role, the work will be carried out in the offices of an operating oil & gas company having producing assets in the Arabian Gulf.

The candidate will be responsible for building, maintaining and evaluating complex, integrated, fit-for-purpose geological and geophysical models for 3D static and dynamic reservoir simulation studies, field development planning and reservoir surveillance. Specific responsibilities will include the following:
• Build and evaluate a large well database and complex geological and geophysical models in Petrel and/or other modeling software.
• Review depositional facies, conventional core analysis, capillary pressure data, openhole logs and production data to determine reservoir and non-reservoir rock types & flow characteristics, hydrocarbon distribution and fluid contacts.
• Use sequence stratigraphy and flow unit architecture to define and build optimal reservoir zonation and layering schemes integrating core, well log, and seismic data.

• Integrate in real-time, onboard seismic processing intermediate results into the ongoing 3D static and dynamic models for seismic petrophysical properties updates (time and frequency attributes, inversion results pre-stack AVO-AVA-AVAz results, velocities, etc.).
• Perform and QC geostatistical modeling of rock types, porosity, and permeability integrating openhole log, core and 3D seismic data (where appropriate).
• Perform and QC water saturation modeling using Sw-h, Leverett-J, Lucia, Geo2Flow, or other appropriate modeling techniques.
• Perform volumetric calculations to determine STOIIP/GIIP.
• Identify key static uncertainties impacting STOIIP/GIIP and hydrocarbon flow characteristics and communicate to technical staff and management. Build alternative realizations or scenarios to calculate probabilistic range of STOIIP/GIIP and/or flow behavior.
• Perform upscaling of reservoir structure and properties from fine-scale geologic model grids to coarse-scale simulation model grids.
• Provide assistance as needed to Reservoir Engineer in simulation model history-matching, generation of prediction cases, and field development planning.
• Use geologic and geophysical 3D models to identify by-passed pay and generate opportunities for workovers, sidetracks, infill drilling, and secondary/tertiary recovery projects.
• Present methodology and project evaluation to technical management.
• Document model in a written report and illustrate with cross sections, maps, cross plots, histograms, and summary tables.
• Mentor junior staff and lead knowledge sharing initiatives.
• Able to prepare material and teach technical content for larger internal classes.

• Master’s or Ph.D. degree in Geoscience, Geology and/or Geophysics


• 15+ years of industry experience
• 10+ years of recent geologic and geophysical 3D geomodeling experience, preferably with an operator
Skills & Competencies:
• Recent and ongoing hands-on expert user of Petrel and/or other 3D modeling software or equivalent.
• Recognized subject matter expert in geological and geophysical seismic sequence stratigraphy, carbonate reservoir geology and geostatistics.
• Familiarity with Arabian Gulf basins and stratigraphy.
• Experience modeling carbonate reservoir structure, stratigraphy, rock types, porosity, permeability, and water saturation based on core, openhole log, 3DVSP, and 3D pre and post stack seismic time and depth data.
• Experience in upscaling reservoir structure and properties.
• Experience providing geologic and seismic modeling inputs to reservoir engineers on simulation projects.
• Experienced development geologist with field development planning.
• Experienced mentor and team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
• Consistently adds constructive comments, questions and suggestions with a positive attitude in meetings.

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