Staff & Senior Staff Process Engineer – Petroleum/Petrochemical in United States

at Norton Engineering
Location United States
Date Posted August 15, 2019
Category Petroleum Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Desired Attributes:

BS/MS Degree in Chemical Engineering with seven to fifteen years of experience in the petroleum refining and/or petrochemical field.

Technically focused individual with experience in at least two of the following areas:

Combustion, Design and operation of combustion systems and equipment including fired heaters, boilers, incinerators and flare systems, safety instrumented systems and NFPA burner management systems.
Operations optimization for energy conservation improvement, combustion systems testing and evaluation.
Distillation, Design and operation of tray and packed tower distillation systems for applications ranging from crude oil separation to high purity separation of close boiling components (e.g. C3 & C3= )
Fluid Catalytic Cracking design,operations and troubleshooting of the fluid solids section and the equipment and systems provided for emissions control and energy recovery from the regenerator flue gas circuit.
Heat Exchangers and Heat Exchanger Networks experience in the design/operation and optimization of heat exchangers and heat exchanger networks for improved reliability, performance enhancement and energy conservation. Experience in developing technical specifications for heat exchanger applications.
Hydrotreating, technical specialist with broad based knowledge of hydrotreating technologies and with design, operations, troubleshooting experience with high and medium pressure hydrotreating equipment and systems, including sulfur removal.
Experience in catalyst evaluation and means for controlling deactivation rate to extend unit run length
Olefins Manufacturing, technology development/design/operations experience in cracking of naptha and natural gas to produce polymer ethylene/propylene and the separation and purification of these streams to make polymer grade olefins
Polymer Manufacturing, technology development/design/operations and troubleshooting of reaction; solvent/ monomer recovery, recycle & purification; finishing and packaging systems and equipment. Polyethylene,Polypropylene, Elastomers (EP, EPDM, Butyl Rubber, SBS, SBB, Poly Butadiene, etc.), Plastomers and Plastic/Elastomer Blends.
Liquid and gas phase polymerization; and direct devolatilization of product
Process Design, Development of process design packages for petroleum and petrochemical processes (grass-roots and retrofits) including process modeling (PROII or HYSIS), development of process flow plans, P&ID;’s and equipment specifications.
Reaction Systems, Packed bed and slurry reactor systems design and operation for isomerization, hydrogenation, hydrotreating and similar processes design and operation of slurry reaction systems for polymer manufacturing processes such as: poly-isobutylene, ethylene-propylene rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, polystyrene, poly butadiene, etc.
Design and operation of solution polymerization systems for sulfuric acid alkylation, hydrofluoric acid alkylation, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc.
Software, Must be able to use Microsoft Office, Excel, VBA, Process Simulations, ASPEN, Pro/II.
In addition, the candidates must have excellent communication, group, and problem solving skills.

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