SR. WELLSITE GEOLOGISTS in Tughlakabad, India

at Enquest
Location Tughlakabad, India
Date Posted November 11, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Job Description:
Interpret and integrate geological data and provide well-site geological support for drilling wells in the oil fields. This includes delivering optimized horizontal well bore placement, final well reports, updated horizontal well cross-sections, maps and formation evaluation logs for recent and previously drilled wells. Provide geological support for interdisciplinary reservoir study and field development plans. Develop and mentor less experience staff.

Required qualifications, experience and expertise:

B.Sc. is required in petroleum engineering or geosciences with minimum 15 years work experience as a petroleum/ operations geologist, out of which sever minimum (7) years’ work experience as a well-site geologist working to position (geo-steer) horizontal wells into targeted zones of multi- layered carbonate reservoirs.
Demonstrated experience with mud logging; cuttings description; real-time image logs; and correlating them to determine lithology and well path.
Demonstrated experience with directional drilling, well planning, depth control measurements; and understanding of BHA’s (Bottom Hole Assembly).
Demonstrated experience of making recommendations on well path and target interval correction/ revision to meet well objectives.
Experience with coring operations.
Understanding of the application of sequence stratigraphic concepts and methods.
Preferable experience and expertise:

Working knowledge in carbonate reservoirs.
Experience of working in integrated asset team environment.
Experience in applying structural geology concepts and methods to assess compartmentalization/communication.
Experience of having worked with geologic models to incorporate maps and their interpretations into 3D geologic models
Experience in working with Company standard production geologist software
PC-based software for generating and updating cross-sections during well monitoring.
Geo-modeling/ Geo-mapping: Petrel, Zmap / RMS / Petra.
Well log correlation: Stratworks / Openworks. Petrophysics: Geoframe / Elan
/ IP.
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