SR. PETROPHYSICIST in Tughlakabad, India

at Enquest
Location Tughlakabad, India
Date Posted November 6, 2018
Category Petrophysicist
Job Type Permanent


Job Description:
Plan, supervise, and coordinate, the collection, analysis and evaluation of petrophysical data for well and reservoir studies in order to generate appropriate field development plans. Provide petrophysical support for Company oil fields. Conduct reservoir management activities. Participate in interdisciplinary reservoir study teams. Develop and mentor less experienced staff.

Required qualifications, experience and expertise:

Minimum fifteen (15) years of experience in the oil and gas industry, with at least 10 years of experience in petrophysical studies/operations. Must have a thorough understanding of open hole, cased hole, production logging tools, and integrated production logging in horizontal wells.
Experience in carbonate reservoirs.
Experience in core analysis techniques.
Experience in statistical and pattern recognition techniques (Neural networks, fuzzy logic, and multidimensional histograms) techniques.
Must have strong teamwork skills, and it would be an advantage to have experience working in a multicultural environment.
Experience working in integrated asset team environment.
Must be able to communicate effectively with peers, less experienced staff, field staff, and management.
Must have experience mentoring less experienced staff.
Must have experience/knowledge of current computer software for petrophysical applications.
B.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Geology is required. Experience in horizontal well technology and geo-steering.
Preferable experience and expertise:
Preferably holder of M.Sc. or PhD degree.
Knowledge of geostatistics and assist geoscientists in building 3D geological and property models (deterministic and stochastic).
Experience in working with Company standard Petrophysical Software:
Geoframe (Elan +, FMI, CMR)
Petroworks – Openworks – Zmap+ Petrel – RMS
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