SR. GEOLOGISTS in Tughlakabad, India

at Enquest
Location Tughlakabad, India
Date Posted November 7, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Job Description:
Analyze, interpret, and integrate geologic data to establish and update geologic frameworks and models for oilfields. Undertake geological studies of the reservoirs to optimize field development plans. Conduct reservoir management activities. Participate in interdisciplinary reservoir study teams. Develop and mentor less experienced staff.

Required qualifications, experience and expertise:

Minimum fifteen (15) years of work experience as Geologist. Must have undertaken field and reservoir studies and worked closely with geophysicists, petrophysicists, and reservoir engineers.
Must have worked on mature producing fields where the integration of production data has been used to constrain their maps and interpretations.
Must have carbonate reservoir experience and have applied carbonate sequence stratigraphy and advanced reservoir characterization concepts on previous projects.
Must have strong team works kills, and it would be an advantage to have experience working in a multicultural environment.
Must be able to communicate effectively with peers, less experienced staff, field staff, and management.
Must have experience mentoring less experienced geo scientists.
Must have experience/knowledge of current computer software for geo science applications.
B.Sc. in Geology is required.
Preferable experience and expertise:

Demonstrable experience in well log interpretation leading to successful projects.
Exposure and knowledge of reservoir simulation modelling.
Experience in applying structural geology concepts and methods to assess compartmentalization / communication due to faulting andfracturing.
Previous project work with geologic modellers to incorporate maps and interpretations into 3D geologicmodels.
M.Sc. or PhD degree.
Experience in working with standard production geoscience software:
Well Log Correlation: Petrel and R5000.
Mapping: Petrel.
3 D framework & Modelling: Petrel.
Petrophysics: Geoframe, IP, Techlog, a plus.
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