Specialist Seismic Processing in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

at Spark Maintenance & Oil-field Services Establishment
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted October 29, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent


Job Description :
Provides specialist advice to Geophysics Teamand to the COMPANY Assets. This includes highly specialized and unique expertisein at least one (but potentially in more) of the following areas: processing,re-processing and analysis of seismic data in the areas of Exploration andReservoir geophysics. This Includes 1D, 2D, 3D and 4D seismic programs, fieldtesting programs for surveys, technical integrity of processing andreprocessing, technical capabilities of service companies, tenders documentsand contract packages for seismic data processing/Reprocessing. Ensure withother specialists the integration of geophysical input into multi-disciplinarystudies.

Depending on the scope of work for thisspecialist area of expertise in to the COMPANY the role may be a full time jobor combined with other activities (studies, coordination).
Advises on quality control monitoring tools toensure adherence to recognized industry andto the COMPANY standards for his/ her area ofexpertise.
Acts as authority on his/ her specialist areaof Geophysics and ensures that lessons learned are shared with all Teams.
Designs, participates and provide experttechnical advice on all activities related to processing, reprocessing andanalysis of seismic data. Verifies the technical integrity of processing andreprocessing testing programs and the resulting data of seismic surveys toensure quality of processed data. Participates in the preparation of tendersdocuments and contract packages for seismic data acquisition/processing.
Leads the planning and design of processing projectsand ensures that all issues relevant to the plan are taken into account,including geological objectives, available resources and techniques used toacquire the data.).
Directs and advises geophysical processingcontractors in carrying out the processing projects efficiently and effectivelyin accordance with guidelines and objectives set by management andshareholders.
Participates in the preparation and evaluation oftender documents and contract packages for seismic data processing. Includesestablishing parameters for data indenting, static correction, signalprocessing, noise suppression, amplitude control, multiple suppression andmigration etc as well as for azimuthal and angle stack processing and PSDM.
Reviews and if possible, seek to improve, dataquality control process for seismic processing projects, evaluates the finalresults of acquired and processed data and recommends corrective action.

Provide planning and prepare/update processingsequences for seismic (re)processing projects.
Prepare and monitor the budget for seismic(re)processing projects, ensuring the projects are optimally conducted andwithin plan and budget.
Prepare the technical input to tender documents andcontracts and subsequently reviews and QCs the final contract documents priorto award.
Prepares and, if required, conducts processing andreprocessing testing programs for 2D and 3D seismic surveys. Evaluates anddetermines processing parameters that yields the optimal result.
Key participant in the technical evaluation oftender bids where he/she also is a resource for other (non-processor) technicalevaluation members providing guidance and assistance if needed. May alsocoordinate the evaluation.
Effectively and constructively manages theproject(s) under his/her responsibility keeping the Geophysics Team team leaderupdated on an ongoing basis.
Interacts effectively and constructively withContracting Team and/or Supply Chain and provide assistance when needed.This includes conducting regular (weekly) QCmeetings with the contractor at the contractor office.
Ensure all relevant learnings from previous(re)processing projects are incorporated when designing new processingprograms.
Effectively and constructively interact with thecontractor and the asset teams seismic interpreters for the various(re)processing projects.
Stay abreast of the technological developments in thefield of seismic processing (literature, internet, communication withcontractor and Shareholder specialists, attend conferences, seminars andtechnical reviews when applicable or where possible).
Understand and promote the companys health, safety& environmental policy and objectives; perform work in accordance with thecompanys established rules, regulations and approved procedures; intervenes tostop unsafe acts and practices. Accountable for the wellbeing and safety of ownself and others, including all contracted labour force unskilled,semiskilled, and skilled.
Participate in the ongoing training of otherprocessing geophysicists in the team with special emphasis on UAE Nationals.This includes assessing employees training and development needs, assist TeamLead Geophysics in the preparation of structured development program andmonitoring of progress.
Draws on the experience of other major oil/gascompanies to ensure application of latest geophysical technology.
Directs or facilitatetechnical workshops
Knows the Company health, safety and environmentalpolicy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area ofresponsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in hisdomain.
Have Geophysical Software Expertise (etc. LandmarkITA. ProMax. Disco/Focus. Omega/Omega2. VoxelGeo. Hampson-Russell Microsoft)that most of them available to the COMPANYfor data QC.
Minimum Criteria :
PhD/MSc on Seismic Processing related Geophysics, Physics/Mathematics or equivalent
15 years or more of relevant hands on geophysical experience, mainly in 3D seismic data processing
Experience in 3D seismic acquisitionis also an advantage.

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