Specialist Geology (Reservoir) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

at Spark Maintenance & Oil-field Services Establishment
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted October 29, 2018
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Job Description :

Provides guidelines and directions to allassets on potential areas on sedimentology, diagenesis, mapping, petrophysicalproperties, link between geology and petrophysics, rock-typing, log typing.Defines and updates workflows, methodologies and procedures in alignment withindustry best practices.
Provides technical support, advisory andtraining to the COMPANY staff, Acts as technical authority in domain of CarbonateReservoir Geology
Represents technical authority for CarbonateReservoir Geology in to the COMPANY.
Defines standards for sedimentology, diagenesis andpetrophysics across to the COMPANY Asset Teams (SOPs).
Supports assets in determining opportunities todevelop studies to assist with reservoir characterisation andsurface-subsurface integration.
Identifies challenges across all assets andimplements new technologies and workflows.
Captures lessons learned / best practices andensures their communication and consistency across assets.
Participates directly and indirectly in technicalstaff development (training, coaching, career development)
Understands and promotes the companys health,safety & environmental policy and objectives; performs work in accordancewith the companys established rules, regulations and approved procedures;intervenes to stop unsafe acts and practices; and is concerned for thewellbeing and safety of own self and others, including all contracted laborforce.
Plan and conduct meetings / workshops with assets toensure they receive the necessary technical support and advice on Petrophysics(Formation evaluation from logs) initiatives.
Integrates all geological and geophysical data todefine reservoirs configurations, lateral and vertical changes in stratigraphicsequence, lithofacies, depositional environments and Petrophysical properties,Integrates geological and reservoir data and establishes rock typing schemesand reservoir characterization models for each reservoir.
Interprets various geologicaldata of the developed and undeveloped reservoirs and recommends wells locationswith estimation of geological markers, oil and gas zones, coring, testing andwell logging.
Analyses, interprets and quality controls allgeological data and ensures updates data base.Advises Reservoir, Drilling and Petroleum Engineers on variousgeological aspects of well completion and workover programs.
Prepares and periodically, updates reservoir mapssuch as structural contour maps, Isopach maps, lithofacies maps and poro-permmaps. Prepares and provides geological data pertaining to projects in searchfor oil and gas.
Ensures cores are dispatched for necessary tests,verifies contractors core reports and checks related invoices, initiatescoring and routine analysis programs and SCAL program with Reservoir Engineers.
Provides technical advice and assist reservoirengineers when coordinating all special core analysis with service companies,ensures that the coring lists and coring maps book are regularly updated.
Quality controls andintegrates all geological data to construct a robust Geological model thatserves the backbone for dynamic model and future field development, ensure theupdating of geological model by updating the new acquired data.
Organizes and contributes to internal and externalknowledge sharing initiatives.
Minimum Criteria :
B.Sc. /Master degree in PetroleumEngineering or Geology.
15 years inpetro-technical discipline (Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering,Geoscience), of which 5 years in a specialist role. International experience ispreferable.
Track recordin maturing and applying new technologies and participation in R& Dprojects

Other Information :
Responsible for independent study and production ofaccurate data for appraisal and field development. Accountable for providingsedimentology and rock typing expertise to assigned Team aiming atdiscovery/development of new reserves as the primary objectives
Keeps abreast of related development within the oilproduction industry Includes:
Attending and representing to the COMPANY in conferences,seminars and society meetings to Identify new developments in the industry ofinterest of the Company.
Prepares reports/papers on such functions andcirculates to supervisor and team members.

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