Senior Wellsite Geologist in Baku, Azerbaijan

at BP
Location Baku, Azerbaijan
Date Posted January 22, 2019
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Role synopsis
BP is looking for Wellsite Geologist that will be responsible to:Conduct geological analyses at the wellsite including picking the formation tops, casing points and core points, based on the cuttings analysis, Logging While Drilling (LWD) and Measurement While Drilling (MWD) data. Supervise and assure quality of wireline, LWD and Mudlogging operations, and for mentor and train more junior staff. Generate and provide quality assurance on all subsurface data and reports sent from the well-site to the office, including daily geology reports, drill cuttings, core descriptions and caving analyses. Monitor and produce estimates and analyses of pore pressure and borehole instability problems.Generate and distribute daily drilling and composite logs, and other products as required by the Operations Geologist or Wellsite Leader. Clearly communicate documented subsurface risks to key wellsite staff.Strong verbal and written English communication and integration skills are required.This will be a fixed-term contract role with an anticipated contract duration of 1 year, with possibility for extension.
Key accountabilities
Actively participate in all rig safety meetings and initiatives.Describe cutting samples and pick formation tops, casing and core points as per Statement of Requirements.Provide content and quality assurance of all subsurface data and reports sent from wellsite including:Daily Geology Report, daily Drilling Log, data and regular wellsite reports.Wellsite Data Book (WDB & Cuttings Register).Drill cuttings, core descriptions and cavings analysis.Hydrocarbon and show description.Geology End of Well Report.Geological Composite Log.Supervise and QA Wireline, LWD and Mudlogging operations. Complete contractor performance data acquisition forms.Conduct Daily and ad hoc communication with onshore Operations Geology team. Communicate with offshore personnel and attendance of relevant meetings such as pre-hole/section meetings with the Operations Geology team - highlighting risks and uncertainties in the well plan. Complete pre-well checklist with Operations Geologist.Review all No Drilling Surprises (NDS) risks prior to each hole section and communicate to drilling team at wellsite in pre-tour meetings. Create, annotate and communicate a relevant Synthetic Log of drilling risks when required.Populate the Wellsite Data Book with NDS operational events. Capture all associated non productive time (NPT) and Lessons Learnt in real time in WDB.Responsible for real-time compilation of formation pressure spreadsheet and quick look comparison of formation pressures with SoR/ PPFG (pore pressure - fracture gradient) forecast materials.In the event of any borehole instability or pore pressure issues, the Wellsite Geologist is responsible for the collation of all geology related data. Perform detailed cavings description and analysis, include cavings photographs.Collate geological data during unplanned rig activities.Create and maintain Timescan plots using Openwells data.Provide assistance to wellsite engineering and supervision staff on request. During office time responsible for Composite Log and Wellsite Data Book completion post well (within 30 days of well TD). Complete other tasks as requested by the Operations Geologist. Inform Operations Geologist by email of completion.Become proficient in work related software packages, especially Petrel, Winlog, and BP Well Advisor. Attend additional training as necessary
Essential Education
Minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Geology or a related subject
Essential experience and job requirements
Extensive experience in Wellsite and/or Operations GeologyDemonstrated successful experience in drilling high pressure wells with narrow pore pressure to fracture gradient windowRecent experience in clastic depositional systems.Demonstrated successful experience in Exploration well delivery.Requires detailed understanding of mud logging, wireline logging, LWD/MWD, and pore pressure monitoring techniques.Excellent communication skills, strong team player, inclusive and ethical engagement across diverse multidiscipline teams.Fluent in conversational and written EnglishAzerbaijani citizenship is required
Other Requirements (e.g. Travel, Location)
Desirable criteria & qualifications
Relocation available
Travel required
Negligible travel
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