Senior Simulation Reservoir Engineer — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted April 10, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 8


Basic Function and Scope :

Conducts reservoir simulations studies designed to define optimum full field reservoir development plans (primary, secondary, and tertiary depletion scenarios). Works within an inter-disciplinary team to build and quality control the dynamic model. Integrates SCAL, core analyses and PVT data during the development of integrated models for full field development plans. Directs and participates in reservoir testing, evaluation and interpretation activities and recommends optimum methods of performance monitoring. Includes setting reservoir testing programs, interpreting results and liaising with other team members and Field Operations personnel to coordinate reservoir engineering requirements. Ensures final reporting well file updating for all analysis and field data and ensures data input by concerned staff. When involved with study projects ensures the receipt, calibration, computer manipulation and output of production test data. Provides advice to other team members on reservoir engineering aspects of the study.

Duties Performed:

a. Conducts mathematical and simulation studies to determine optimum methods of oil recovery and reservoir resource management or respond to changes in well/reservoir performance. Participates in simulation studies and reviews objectives with Reservoir Engineering Coordinator and/or Team Leader to establish study parameters such as test and data required and reviews progress and modifies acquisitions as necessary. Supervises and provides guidelines to Reservoir Engineers involved in interpreting test data from wells, such as drill-stem tests, flow and build-up tests, core analyses and various production test data utilized in studies.


b. Directs and participates in well surveillance activities and reservoir definition and behavior prediction of assigned reservoir. Establishes test and production objectives for each well and ensures proper surveillance and well-file completion. Includes approving development and production testing proposals, generally reviewing such tests and analyses and ensuring the consolidation, reporting and well-file updating of the team's work and studies relating to individual wells. Participates in the annual production logging campaign planning and preparing reservoir engineering requirements for workover and completion operations.

c. Participates in the definition of contracted special field testing related to reservoir engineering. Includes defining scope of special test for Reservoir Engineering, preparing specifications, evaluating bids and recommending final award and contract features as assigned. Monitors contractor compliance with contract terms and schedules and details progress and performance in regular activity reports. Also reviews invoices to recommend payment or adjustment as appropriate.


d. Recommends reservoir areas and program features for pilot studies of various oil recovery enhancement techniques. Includes presenting fully justifies proposals for field trials of various techniques, such as water or gas injection methods, acid fractures or additional performance. Monitors results over scheduled trial life and reports findings and recommendations to other team members outlining estimated impact of enhancement on the field or reservoir.


e. Directs and participates in defining the scope and content of in-house and/or contractor reservoir studies used to assist in determining well behavior and optimum recovery methods required to maximize efficient and cost effective oil production. Includes, establishing program specifications to accomplish agreed goals and required output, reviewing available in-house or vendor resources and preparing tender documents, reviewing and evaluating bids and monitoring contractor performance through to project completion where contractors are used for such studies.


f. Directs less experienced reservoir engineers or carries out more complex computerized simulation studies as required. Includes providing advice and assistance to reservoir engineers carrying out studies and simulations, such as advising on appropriate data, input and analyses of results, carries out major or complex simulation studies as necessary and participates in team efforts to produce major studies. Reviews and/or prepares simulation study progress reports and ensures adherence to Company and professional standards and procedures for such studies.


g. Ensures the overall receipt, calibration, plotting, tabulation and file/database updating of production data, such as core analyses and pressure tests, used in reservoir engineering studies. Includes establishing new tests as appropriate, establishing priorities and schedules for calibration, computer manipulation and plotting of received data. Reviews results to ensure appropriate output is provided to other Reservoir Engineers for incorporation into their studies. Also ensures computer data bases, well-files and related project files are updated and that appropriate copies, indexing and storage of cassette tapes or disks is carried on time.


h. Reviews existing simulation programs' performance and the status of new developments in programs as supplied by software houses. Liaises with IT Support staff to identify appropriate packages and advises team management on the purchase or leasing of new software.

i. Carries out special studies as assigned, such as recovery systems, water or gas injection rates or well positioning studies required for assigned team projects or for the economic evaluation of various projects. Interprets output to explain expected performance, checks, assumptions and reports findings accordingly. Circulates and discusses findings with concerned team members to adjust study parameters or output as appropriate prior to submitting final report.


j. Keeps abreast of new development in reservoir engineering. Includes attending and representing the Company in conferences, symposia, fora, society meetings and relating functions to identify new development of interest to Company. Prepares reports/papers on such functions and circulates to other parties concerned.


k. Participates in the ongoing training and development of UAE national employees as assigned. Includes assessing employee training and development needs, preparing structured familiarization, development programs, monitoring progress and counseling employees as required.


l. Knows the Company health, safety and environment policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility. Ensures that work under his control is performed in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Conducts effective accident investigation and follow up. Implements specific safety management system program activities assigned to him.


m. Carries out other similar or related duties such as updating the Company's annual reserves portion for assigned field, participating in the preparation of various periodic reports, the Team's budget and contribution to the Company's 5 year plan.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelors Degree in Science or Engineering

8-10 years broad reservoir engineering including at least 5 years in reservoir simulation, including experience with EOR simulation techniques.

Experience working in inter-discipline teams.


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