at Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services
Location United Arab Emirates
Date Posted June 26, 2018
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Basic Function:

Carries out routine reservoir engineering functions as assigned and attends well surveillance operations when required to provide guidance in test procedures or immediate analysis of results.
Receives and calibrates pressure test elements and ensures timely updating of well data, charts, plots and data files.
Contributes to the development of depletions strategy of assigned reservoirs in conjunction with more experienced team members.
Undertakes routine studies to attain stated objectives and translate results into operational guidelines.

Work Performed:

Participates in reservoir/well evaluation studies and monitors the performance of oil/gas and injection wells. Includes collating relevant data; checking quality of received logs; calculating well injectivity index; identifying decline rate by sector/flank/type of reservoir and aquifer/ completion type; interpolating flow and build-up test data; and describing well behavior.
Runs computer simulation models to history match past performance of reservoirs and predict future behavior under direction of more experienced engineer.
Compiles and runs reservoir models to identify various aspects of reservoir behaviors which will be translated into operational requirements to maximize recovery and meet production quotas.
Establishes and follow up reservoir study work program to optimize hydrocarbon recovery in the assigned reservoirs. Includes reviewing/analyzing findings and implementing study recommendations.
Monitors pressure behavior in assigned reservoirs and aquifers by examining and calculating survey data from observation wells to establish/confirm trends, investigates and explains anomalies and recommends remedial actions.
Recommends and specifies requirements for the testing programs of development wells; appraisal wells and pilot projects (e.g. P.W.I pilot, etc.).
Carries out data management duties to ensure consistency of acquired data. Includes verifying collected data, analyzing and interpreting data using available techniques and identifying areas requiring further study.
Participates in well site operations to ensure adherence to reservoir engineering test procedures and requirements. Includes performing on rig site duty during well operations or production testing; initiating appropriate pressure tests; and estimating appropriate depth for testing and providing immediate readings of tests, as required.
Maintains all pressure analysis charts and forms for assigned wells and participates in the reading and plotting of such data.
Prepares statistics, charts and appendices for assigned team’s reports and studies and sets priority with other engineers to ensure timely completion of assigned tasks.
Keeps abreast of technological development in the field of reservoir engineering. Attends conferences, seminars and reviews technical periodicals.
Knows the Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures, regulations and objectives as they relate to his area of responsibility, and ensures that they are effectively implemented in his domain.

Minimum Requirements:

B. Sc. in Petroleum Engineering, math, physics or equivalent.
5 years' experience in general petroleum engineering including 2 years in reservoir engineering with good knowledge of computer applications and simulation techniques.

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