Senior Reservoir Engineer in Middle East, Kuwait

at WTS Energy
Location Middle East, Kuwait
Date Posted September 8, 2019
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


University degree in Petroleum/Chemical Engineering or equivalent.
Minimum 15 years of industry experience, of which at least 10 years working (as an employee or consultant) for an oil exploration and production company or international service company in reservoir engineering or related areas.
Perform single well model runs to investigate well deliverability and recoveries under different operating scenarios.
Specify the reservoir uncertainties and prepare a data acquisition plan to reduce uncertainties.
Hands-on experience in simulation of naturally fractured reservoir with compositional fluid behavior.
Expertise in analysis and utilization of SCAL data for reservoir performance analysis and prediction.
Experience in reserves estimation and yearly upgradation.
Experience in production forecasting and generating future profiles.
Integrated Classical Reservoir Engineering, Reservoir Simulation & cFDP Studies: An integrated classical reservoir engineering, reservoir simulation and cFDP studies workflow is required to be implemented, as applicable, for the newly discovered reservoirs, and/or those under appraisal, with following key steps:

Analysis of WFT, PI-T & Static / Flowing Pressure Gradient Surveys
Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)
Rate Transient Analysis (RTA)
Integrated Fluid Characterization & PVT Studies Nodal Analysis & VFP (Lift) Tables for Simulation o Back Allocation of Production Data
Material Balance (MB) Analysis
Integration of Reservoir Engineering Inputs in 3D Static Model
3D Dynamic Model Initialization & Calibration
Conceptual Field Development Planning (cFDP) Studies

Has coaching and mentoring ability to impart skills and knowledge to younger team members.
Willing to carry out other tasks that may be assigned from time to time.

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