Senior Petrophysicist I -DHLINB00255 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

at Dragon Oil
Location Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted April 10, 2019
Category Petrophysicist
Job Type Permanent


Plan and design open hole and cased hole formation evaluation programs.

Oversee the acquisition, quality control and analysis of petrophysical data.

Interpret petrophysical analyses to quantify reservoir properties for both operated and non-operated assets. Develop 3D models to map lithology, permeability, porosity, saturations and mobile fluid fractions, and establish relationships among these parameters.

Technical: Design open hole and cased hole formation evaluation programs; interpret petrophysical data for the purpose of mapping reservoir rock and fluid properties.

Propose and plan petrophysical data acquisition programs, indicating what types of real-time measurements MWD LWD, open and cased hole wireline logging surveys, coring operations and other methods should be used on a well-by-well basis.

Oversee the collection, quality control, processing and interpretation of petrophysical data.

Compile and reinterpret data from multiple wells based on production data, pressure monitoring and other additional information obtained from the reservoir.
Present petrophysical interpretations in terms of reservoir property distributions porosity, thickness, net pay, water saturation to be used in constructing static and dynamic reservoir models.
Define reservoir cut-off criteria as a basis for corporate reserves evaluations in accordance with industry standards.

Use specialized applications to carry out advanced interpretations e.g., sonic waveform, NMR and image processing and interpretation.
Participate in rock physics studies and other special projects as appropriate.

Conduct petrophysical evaluations of new venture opportunities as part of technical due diligence work to diversify the corporate asset portfolio.

Provide petrophysical input into the selection of perforation intervals for new completions or existing wells.

Acquire and update reservoir pressures using wireline and LWD pressure tools

Pick perforation intervals for producing wells.

Verify evaluation invoices

Follow progress of core analysis studies.

Operational Oversee the acquisition, quality control and analysis of petrophysical data.

Plan schedules and activities related to petrophysical studies and data acquisition activities.

Review consultant and service company proposals for the provision of logging, coring and petrophysical analysis services. Provide technical input and recommendations as part of the tendering and selection process, including scope of work, technical evaluation, input for commercial evaluation and review of consultant or service company capabilities.

Monitor well logging service company performance to ensure that all operations are performed safely, efficiently and in accordance with work program.

Perform quick-look log interpretations and communicate results to wellsite. Establish next steps in the formation evaluation program, such as fluid sampling, running formation tester or taking sidewall core samples.

Monitor MWD/LWD activities and, where applicable, provide input regarding real-time geosteering evaluations.
Oversee post-recovery aspects of coring operations with respect to sampling, transportation, storage and subsequent analysis.

Be aware of budget availability, contribute to the department budget planning process and maintain cost control of project activities within budget constraints.

Control Policy, procedure and risk mitigation.

Maintain compliance with Dragon Oil guidelines and requirements regarding the gathering, quality control, maintenance, storage and retrieval of technical data.

Ensure compliance with and proper application of company procedures and internal regulations, including those pertaining to confidential information, and recommend updates as needed.

Liaison and coordination:

Maintain day-to-day communication with Reservoir Development Manager and other Reservoir Development team members to ensure coordination of work activities and thorough integration of information.

Coordinate scheduling, logistics and performance of wellsite operations and post-well analysis activities with service providers.

Liaise with Drilling department to provide petrophysical data for well planning and coordinate wellsite operations.

Reporting Prepare reports in support of department activities.

Provide petrophysical evaluation reports for all wells.

Prepare formation evaluation sections to be included in the Field Development Plan.

Prepare petrophysical well evaluations for new venture opportunities.

Coaching, Training and Mentoring: Actively contribute to the development of staff.

Support department staff in meeting needs for employee training, development and skill gap closure.

Coach employees in order to build their knowledge and skills.

Mentor staff to ensure appropriate succession management.

Motivate employees by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding superior performance.

Minimum Education Level Required

Masters/ Post graduate degree in geosciences, engineering or physical sciences

The minimum years of experience required
(All qualification listed Must be job related)

10 years of experience with major or independent operating companies in a multidisciplinary E&P; environment, at least 5 of which involved work in clastic reservoirs. Experience to include open and cased hole well log evaluation, logging while drilling, petrophysical input to modelling studies, reservoir characterization and rock properties determination. Should have background in conventional and special core analysis programs, capillary pressure analysis, interpretation of old well logs and integration of core and log interpretations.

Level 2 – General Supervision

Some delegation of responsibility, some independence of routine matters. Incumbents exercise some control over both the technical and administrative aspects of work. Objectives may be set for the position, but the incumbent often works independently.

Level 3 – Analytic

Duties and tasks are varied and complex. Work is analytic, nonstandardized, requiring independent judgment to identify, select and apply the most appropriate course of action among available options.

Exploration, New Ventures, Drilling, Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Geology, Operations Geology, Geophysics departments


Requirements for Petrophysicist

Petrophysical study experiences more than 7 years in operator of oil and Gas Company.

Good Experience to use Interactive Petrophysic (IP) Software in Petrophysical Evaluation.

Experienced to provide petrophysical inputs for Reservoir Static and Dynamic Model of Sandstone and Carbonate Reservoirs.
Experienced to build reservoir rock typing and saturation height modeling from Core-Logs data in the Petrophysical work.
Petrophysical experiences in compartmentalized and complex reservoirs.
Preference for UAE nationality

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