Senior Petrophysicist - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted August 28, 2016
Category Petrophysicist
Job Type Contract
Min. Years Experience Required 10


Scope of Work for the Rock Type and Saturation Height Function Modeling          


Rock Type Model (RT) is a link between qualitative and quantitative characteristics of geological, petrophysical and dynamic reservoir properties. Saturation Height Function Model (SHFM) is an approach for modeling various saturation profiles according to the reservoir fluid types, identified log & core saturation. structural region (Free Water Level) by sedimentological or diagenetic class utillztng core analysis data, and rock typing model in order to mitigate saturation uncertainties. These models are generally known to help building valid static property models and dynamic model initiation for the heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs in Abu Dhabi Fields.

Company would like to validate existing Thamama Zone A, B & F Reservoir Rock Type Model and Saturation Height Function Model and their workflows for all the wells in the Haliba Field in order to be used for the current reservoir modeling and simulation updates in the part of the upcoming Haliba Field Development Planning.

All input data by logging operation and core analysis will be reviewed as the first step, and existing rock type model and Saturation model will be validated and updated/or rebuilt if any required. And properly determined and propagated of reservoir rock type classes, and established saturation height function model with respect to the rock types are main deliverables to utilize the input data for the static and dynamic modeling update.


This study is to construct the Rock Type Model and Saturation Height Function Model, and build their workflows with all available wells in the Haliba Field.


Estimated Schedule

Estimated Schedule: 9weeks (4Sdays)

Scope of Work

·         Review Dataset/ Conditioning/ Harmonization, and previous Rock Type Models, SHF Models & Depositional Models

·         To review/ condition/ harmonize all available well data, E-log & core analysis data

·         To review previous models, Rock Type models, SHF models and Depositional models, and their  workflows

·         To have the 1st progress meeting


Rock Type Modeling

·         To evaluate all petrophysical analysis

·         To define rock typing index and/or classes at the core wells

·         To extend and validate rock typing to log domain at all wells

·         To have the 2"0 progress meeting


Saturation Height Function Modeling

·         To determine saturation height function at the core wells

·         To apply SHFs to log domain at all wells

·         To validate and optimize Sw log and SHFs with well test results

·         To have a final meeting



·         Final Log and Datasheet for Reservoir Rock Type Model, Saturation Height Function Model, Synthetic Capillary Pressure

·         Project and Workflows

·         Progress Meeting and Material

·         Final Report and Presentation


The consultant will be assigned at the office in the Subsurface Division, POC with their resources (hardware, software, and license) for the more efficient communication and decision making.


Working Hours

The working hours shall be 40 hours a week (8 Hours X 5 Days).

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