Senior Geoscientist (Geologist) in Houston, United States

at SilverBow Resources
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted April 3, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Job Summary:
SilverBow Resources is seeking a Senior Geoscientist who will work with and/or lead integrated teams in multi-discipline projects that create comprehensive Asset understanding and development. Provide high quality technical interpretations, evaluations & presentations to support Geoscience objectives. Integrate well, petrophysical, seismic, micro-seismic, production, and reservoir character data. Implement steps that the integrated team uses to recommend and execute appraisal, exploitation and development programs. Monitor drilling wells, incorporating new information to both steer the well and refine appraisal and development plans. Understand fully and participate in geologic operations within assigned geographic area.

Prepare geologic field studies and asset development plans incorporating all subsurface petrophysical and geophysical data to enhance company reserve base

Analyze available well logs and other petrophysical data for prospect development and casing point decisions

Evaluate Operated and Non-operated wells:
Plan and execute Logging and Evaluation Programs

Evaluate Logs for reservoir and rock properties

Calculate petrophysical properties

Evaluate phase and producibility of wells

Evaluate and condition logs for precise rock properties

Build Fluid Substitution Models

Evaluate Emerging Plays, Resource Plays, Unconventional Reservoirs:

Evaluate new plays for reservoir characteristics and determine best methods and calibrations for these plays

Build analog evaluation and database of new and prove unconventional plays to measure new plays against and to compare.

Forecast producibility, IP, EUR’s utilizing analog data in areas of little history.

Evaluate assets specifically Olmos and Eagle Ford and determine porosity and Sw cutoffs

Build Hydrocarbon PoreVolume Maps for Assets

Establish with Asset Teams the processes and procedures for all aspects of drilling wells including: Well Planning, AFE, Approval Process, Logging Procedures (wire-line, LWD, mud logging), Geo-chemical and Core Evaluation and Analysis, Paleontological Analysis, Evaluation Procedures, Sampling, Sample Evaluation, transportation, delivery, storage and disposal.

Establish with Asset Teams processes and procedures for: Pre drill data, Pre Spud meeting, Well Reporting, Post drilling evaluation and reporting.

Other duties as assigned

10 – 15 years’ experience.

Must be at master level with computer programming and state-of-the-art Geophysical and Petrophysical software (IP IHS, Kingdom, etc). MS Office suite

Required Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Earth Science or related science

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