Senior Geophysicist in Denver, United States

at HighPoint Resources
Location Denver, United States
Date Posted October 18, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent


Position Summary

This position will perform both basic and highly advanced integrated seismic interpretation in support of evaluating and developing both existing plays and new plays. In addition, this position will provide geophysical support for a multi-rig horizontal well development program. This position collects and manages all geophysical data and is responsible for controlling the quality of the data collected and interpreting the data. Develops “fit for purpose” workflows and works closely with geological, engineering and land professional staff utilizing knowledge of geophysics and key play performance drivers to enhance overall play understanding and economics. Provides advice and recommendations to management as requested or as independently observed.

Work with and create interpretation products from all common types of geophysical data (2D, 3D seismic, gravity, magnetics, VSP’s, microseismic). Able to work at all scales from pad to play to basin.
Work with petrophysicists, geologists, geotechs and engineers in integrating multiple data types into geophysical models and to search for relationships between well performance and geological/geophysical attributes.
Create and utilize pre-stack and post-stack geophysical attributes and analysis to assist in interpretation; build 1D and 2D synthetic models and log crossplots to evaluate seismic response from changing rock properties to predict viability of AVO, Inversion or multi-attribute analysis.
Provide recommendations for additional geophysical acquisitions programs, reprocessing or advanced geophysical work flow products
Support drilling operation efforts. Provide geosteering and drilling hazard identification advice and work real time with geosteering professionals to optimize well landing and keeping wells in zone as required.
Anticipate need and generate work products independently.
Apply critical thinking to enhance any work product requests.
Effectively communicate the results of work to management and team
Develop and support less experienced staff to enhance their skill sets and maximize their contributions. May supervise Geophysicists, Geologists or Geotechs

Strong working knowledge of oil & gas geologic terminology and principles with 10+ years petroleum industry experience preferred
Experience in seismic interpretation at basin, play, prospect, and field levels.
Strong Knowledge/experience base in the following areas: horizontal wells/geosteering, seismic inversion, post-stack and pre-stack seismic attributes, microseismic, directing seismic acquisition and processing, and induced seismicity
Skilled in geological interpretation of seismic data including complex structure and sequence stratigraphy.
Self-starter with creativity plus independent thinking is required.Working knowledge of key software platforms such as Transform, Kingdom, and Petra.
A working understanding of seismic acquisition and processing and its impact on data confidence and the interpretation process
Strong working knowledge in economic, drilling, completion, land, regulatory disciplines also a plus. Strong organizational skills with significant attention to detail and accuracyAbility to work in a consultative manner with every position level
Strong initiative and ability to work in a team environment
Ability to work on projects in a deadline driven environment
Excellent communication skills, both oral & written are required

Bachelors or Master’s Degree in Geology or Geophysics


Minimum of 10 years oil and gas geoscience experience.

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