Senior Geomodeller in United Arab Emirates

at Oil Consultants
Location United Arab Emirates
Date Posted February 4, 2021
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Our client is looking for a Geomodeller to work in the UAE.
• Building, maintaining, evaluating and applying integrated, fit-for-purpose 3D geological models for dynamic reservoir simulation studies, field development planning/ execution, reservoir surveillance and business planning. Incorporating all geological, geophysical, petrophysical and dynamic constraints and interpretations in 3D static models according to ADNOC’s best practices and procedures. Participating in reservoir characterization studies and following up the interpretation of all available data in order to come up with robust geological models. • Directs and participates in geological reservoir studies aimed at constructing and/or improving geological models. Includes coordinating and defining coring, logging and testing requirements. • Coordinates and checks the preparation of geological requirements and geological predictions of appraisal and development wells. • To quality-check and validate all input reservoir data/ interpretations used in building 3D static models, including geophysics (seismic horizons / faults), petrophysics (porosity/permeability and fluid saturation), reservoir geology (Stratigraphic formation tops, core and log interpretations) and reservoir performance data (Well tests, PLTs, RSTs etc.) • To integrate all local and regional reservoir data/ interpretations in building conceptual geological models represented in 3D depositional block diagrams, facies & diagenesis maps, thickness & property maps, cross-sections, sequence stratigraphic framework and lithological correlations. • To construct realistic reservoir structural models, based on seismic interpretation (faults / horizons), formation tops, structural geology concept, regional settings and tectonic history of the field. Ensures quality and consistency of output 3D structural grid vs. input data. • To conduct detailed geostatistical analysis of reservoir facies, diagenesis and petrophysical properties and define geologically significant spatial and vertical trends, estimate residual variogram models, proportion maps and probability cubes to constrain 3D property distribution. • To perform 3D property distribution/ modelling consistent with facies interpretation, depositional environments and diagenesis, based on cores analysis, seismic and well logs interpretation in order to reconcile the geological concept with the 3D model. • To perform volumetric computations and subsurface uncertainty analysis based on all inputs/ assumptions in the 3D static model including area of trap, net reservoir thickness, porosity, permeability, hydrocarbon saturation, recovery factor and formation volume factor. • Extracts average property maps, cross-sections and statistical data from geological / simulation model(s) to validate and QC input data of property distributions. Provides geological support to assess production rates, drilling locations and development plans. • To analyse distribution of rock types, porosity, permeability and saturation using geostatistical techniques, including SIS, SGS, Cloud Transform and saturation height functions. • Be capable to update existing model(s) with newly available reservoir, seismic and geological data. • To conduct necessary geological model iteration based on feedback received from dynamic simulationConstructs optimized simulation grid based on dynamic fluids behaviour in the reservoir and up-scale properties into the grid from geological grid. Ensures minimum deviation on reservoir properties while up-scaling. • Provides support to operations and drilling teams (geologists, geophysicists, reservoir engineers, petrophysicists) in drilling activities, well follow-up. • Participates in the assessment of reservoir development strategies and presents recommendations / information on geological modelling to management. • Plan, supervise and coordinate all activities in the assigned area to meet functional objectives. • Train and develop the assigned staff on relevant skills to enable them to become proficient on the job and deliver the respective section objectives. • Provide input for preparation of the Department budgets and assist in the implementation of the approved Budget and work plans to deliver Section objectives. • Investigate and highlight any significant variances to support effective performance and cost control.

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