Senior Geologist in Bangkok, Thailand

Location Bangkok, Thailand
Date Posted March 7, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Professional Requirements:

Bachelor's degree in Geology, Geophysics or Petroleum Engineering is required. Master's Degree is advantage.
Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in Sediment and Stratigraphy, Petrophysics and Explorations
Ability to apply comprehensive knowledge in E&P/related business and benchmarking with international practices

Sediment and Stratigraphy:

Develop and / or contribute to regional geological studies with focus on Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy (basin scale, petroleum system and play scale) for prospectivity evaluation in existing and future exploration assets
Construct the sedimentary facies distribution, geometries relating with Sequence Stratigraphic analysis to then provide consistent sedimentological models at field and/or regional scale with the aim of contributing to the delineation of the Petroleum System and predict the distribution of the reservoir facies in the subsurface
Interpret 2D and 3D seismic data, correlate well logs, work with cores and drill cuttings analyses, prepare facies maps and Sequence Stratigraphic column, contribute to Play Fairway maps and analyses
Synthesize sedimentological models and construct the static geological model of the reservoir from detailed analyses, petrographical and sedimentological studies, done in-house or by contractors / academia, or from literatures guaranteeing the quality and excellence. Draft and distribute final documentation in line with company standards
Attend / supervise / coaching Junior Geologist / Geologist in the technical studies to internal and external Peer Assist and Review, Technical Committee Meeting (TCM) etc. whenever requested
Actively involve to follow-up any internal / external specific studies: Statement of Work (SOW) preparation, data room preparation, routine follow-up, quality review and validate finalization
Actively participate (leading as necessary) in knowledge-sharing activities (Communities of Practice, in-house teaching and mentoring) focusing in the area of sedimentology and stratigraphy
Keep abreast of new technology and build subsurface technology and competencies in alignment with corporate business objectives and direction and establish Sedimentological and Stratigraphic guildline and standard of the company


Subsurface geological mapping and cross section generation.
Identify, quantify, and document leads and prospects in new areas and on existing acreage to develop them into drillable prospects.
Conduct Prospect evaluation, Geological risk assessment and volumetric estimation
Capable of new venture exploration evaluations with broad general knowledge of basin analysis, petroleum systems definitions, geochemical evaluation, structural geology, well log interpretation, sedimentology, seismic interpretation, and regional mapping.
Mentoring less experienced G&G staff.


Undertake detailed petrophysical evaluation and studies to support explorations, developments and new venture projects for evaluating reservoir and fluid distribution by utilizing petrophysical and geological information.
Develop detailed knowledge and understanding of the well, log and core data for reservoir characterization, geological controlled on reservoir properties and establishing appropriate log analysis and reservoir descriptions for reservoir modeling study and volumetric analysis in various types of reservoirs.
Plan and manage cost-effective logging and coring programs and carry out real-time formation evaluation in support of drilling operations.
Provide technical advice and guidance to solve technical issues relating to petrophysics (e.g., problem diagnostics, trouble shooting) for accurately reservoir characterization.

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