Seismic QC Representatives in Malaysia

at OPS Oilfield Services (Thailand) Limited
Location Malaysia
Date Posted January 15, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent



Seismic Acquisition QC
Navigation Data QC
Onshore QC representative (Seismic Project Consultant)
HSE Representative
Marine Mammal Observer


In the last 2 years, Candidates must have completed at least 5 Malaysia Seismic Acquisition QA/QC projects per year.
In the last 2 years, Candidates must have completed at least 4 Malaysia Seismic Technical Audit projects
In the last 2 years, Candidates must have completed at least 5 Malaysia HSE QC projects
In the last 2 years, Candidates must have completed at least 2 Seismic Surveys Offshore Peninsular Malaysia
Candidates must be able to demonstrate a capability to complete the entire below Scope of Work:

Work Scope:
a) Act as CLIENT Representative(s) on board the Vesselb) Act as On-board Quality Control Supervisor;c) Accept or reject any part of the services which do not conform to the terms and conditions of the Acquisition Contract;d) Monitor, review and audit the operation and management of CONTRACTOR in accordance with the Acquisition Contract;e) Act for CLIENT in all matters relating to Contractor’s performance of the services;f) Interface with Party Chief and crew to obtain efficient and economically positive results;g) Certify operational days of the Vessel, including but not limited to Survey Start Date, Survey End Date, stand-by time, technical downtime.h) Liaise directly with CLIENT’s appointed Project Manager to ensure that the survey is being conducted in the most efficient and cost effective manner.i) Compile a daily Report which will reflect: i. Daily and weekly Production ii. Stand-by time iii. General view on vessels and crew performance. iv. Escort boats performance, fishing activities, etc.j) Ensure that the technical specifications shall be met, the data quality be up to CLIENT’s requirement as stated in the Contract. (i.e. Brute Stack monitoring / QC of data quality of on-board processing).k) Ensure that all instrumentation and equipment utilised during the operations works at all times within the manufacturer specifications.l) Hold daily meetings with the on-board Party Chief to agree on overall activities including utilisation of vessel time, survey planning and volume data acquired.m) Ensure that working practices on the vessel are in strict accordance with the Contractors Safety Management Systems.n) Attend all on-board safety meetings.0) The Navigation & Positioning Consultant shall liaise with the Chief Navigator/Party Chief to ensure that positioning standards comply with CLIENT’s requirements as stated in the Acquisition Contract.p) The Navigation & Positioning Consultant shall monitor the performance of navigation & positioning systems on a day to day basis.q) Daily status report, in an electronic format acceptable to Company, shall be forwarded to Client by 8:00 hours (Local time) each day (including weekend days and holidays)r) They shall promptly report to Client any substantive breaches of the Contract by Contractor(s).s) Timely advice to COMPANY of all information pertinent to the survey.t) At the end of the survey and within four (4) weeks of completion QA/QC services, Contractor shall provide Company with a Draft final QA/QC Report covering all aspects of the survey. Company will give comments in 2 weeks. Contractor shall submit the Final QA/QC report in Adobe Format on CD in 2 weeks.u) Monitor CLIENT chargeable times & reimbursable items.

v) The Onshore QC representative (Seismic Project Consultant) must meet the below minimum requirement.
i. Possess as a minimum MSc relevant to Petroleum Industry.
ii. More than 10 years of experience in Seismic Acquisition / Processing.
iii. Must have experience in 2D, 3D, 4D, OBC and Broadband surveys
iv. Project Management for 3D Offshore Marine Seismic Survey.
v. HSE documentation preparation (CLIENT + Contractor) and monitoring.
vi. Managing and leading offshore operations.
vii. Coordinating Simultaneous Operations (Marine Seismic).
viii. Logistics Coordinator / Shore Representative.
ix. Coordinating with Seismic Vessel / Offshore Installations Manager.
x. Manage adherence to tender documents and contracts for seismic data acquisition.
xi. Procurement of environmental and operational permits.
xii. Pre-survey planning, Permitting, Stakeholder liaison, and preparation of the survey area.
xiii. Strategic planning, execution and cost tracking of the survey.
xiv. Pre and Post survey reporting requirements, permitting and damage claim settlement with local communities, ensuring that the CLIENT has left the survey area with the good will of the local stakeholders.
xv. Close out process, ensuring cost recovery.

Part of the work will require operating in very shallow water and managing the vessel through existing obstructions. Prior experience of solving problems with navigation data in shallow water is a pre-requisite.

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