at Five Continents Technical & Industrial Services
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted September 6, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent



The role and responsibility :

Responsible for ensuring that the seismic data quality meets COMPANY’s requirements but will be the overall team leader for the Consultants and will be expected to act as COMPANY’s lead representative in the field. He will fill in daily reports in a format to be agreed and will be the focal point for liaison with COMPANY. He will ensure that the contractor is operating to the required HSE standards.

Required to assist the seismic survey contractor and COMPANY, where possible, with the co-ordination and liaison of the seismic operation with the other field activities. Responsible for ensuring that the seismic contractor complies with COMPANY’s and seismic survey contractor’s own HSE procedures and requirements for the execution of the survey.

Review the invoices which are provided by the seismic contractor.

Coordinate closely with seismic contractor to deal with the permitting issues and socialization.
In addition to the above you will be required to conduct the following:

To joint with COMPANY and the contractor defining and monitoring start-up tests to ensure that the seismic recording and source equipment is operating within the accepted industry standards, and the contractual specifications.
To monitor data acquisition to carry out as required by COMPANY. This includes monitoring signal to noise levels, actual bin fill versus theoretical, monitoring source configuration and output performance, reviewing on-site data processing and devising on-site processing tests to ensure data quality is not being compromised by noise or the method of data acquisition.
To periodically check that the initial data acquisition and processing parameters are being used, and that headers being written to tape are correct.
To advise COMPANY on whether or not to continue with data recording where noise, equipment failure, or other problems are causing the data to be degraded to below an acceptable level, and where possible a halt in recording shall be carried out only after discussion with COMPANY and the seismic contractor.
To monitor the crew’s production and ensure that any deviations from the weekly or monthly plan are noted.
To check the accuracy of the crew documentation and data shipments.
To monitor source and receiver surveying quality when the surveying quality control if 3D Multi-mode Seismic Position and Navigation Quality Control Expert is unavailable.

Minimum Requirements:

Experience and expertise of land 3D seismic surveys.
Experience and expertise of land 3D seismic operations in desert and sabakha areas.
A minimum of 10 years’ experience of quality control of 3D seismic surveys.
Previous experience of working in the Arabian Gulf would be desirable, but is not essential. The normal language used in COMPANY is English. So an English speaker is essential.
Experience of using on-site seismic processing to monitor data quality and equipment performance is essential. (Note – actual operation of the on-site system will be carried out by the main seismic contractor’s personnel).
The ability to use a PC to produce reports in Word and Excel format is desirable.

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