Reservoir Simulation Expert, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

at Confidential
Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted July 13, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 15


Job Title Reservoir Simulation Expert Organization Name Expert Brief Posting Description Job Purpose & Scope Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering - Studies (RE-ES) provides expert advice and consultation to subsurface teams in reservoir engineering in general and, specifically, in reservoir studies and dynamic modeling related activities that directly impact COMPANY's short and long term field development plans and assists them achieve their objectives in the areas of Technology Management, Technical Challenges, Standard Practices and Knowledge Sharing. This scope requires someone with breadth and depth of technical knowledge in reservoir engineering, related experience in reservoir studies and dynamic modeling and excellent interpersonal skills. In the absence of Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering - Reservoir Management (RE-EM), RE-ES also carries out the duties of RE-EM in addition to those specified here.

The scope of the job covers the following major areas:

  • Promoting effective integration of key aspects of reservoir engineering in the development of integrated models for Full Field Development Plans in conducting reservoir studies and dynamic modeling in accordance with related technical Working System standards and Shareholder guidelines and best practices.
  • Assuring careful planning and effective execution of reservoir studies and dynamic modeling by the asset teams.
  • Assuring COMPANY has and effectively manages its software and hardware resources for reservoir studies and dynamic modeling.
  • Assisting RE-EM in promoting the application of the best practices and methods sanctioned by COMPANY management and Shareholders for reserves/resource estimations and in the dissemination of the fundamentals of the reserves/resource management system to COMPANY staff. As requested, participating in annual reserves review and update sessions in support of RE-EM and the asset teams.
  • Promoting effective integration of the key aspects of reservoir engineering and, especially, of reservoir simulation aspects with other disciplines, including petrophysics, geological modeling, geophysics, petroleum production engineering and drilling.
  • Promoting knowledge sharing and transfer of experiences related to reservoir studies and dynamic modeling across different teams, within subsurface community and from COMPANY Shareholders and the industry through forums, workshops, technology focus groups.
  • Supporting efforts to develop the reservoir engineering staff in performing reservoir studies and reservoir simulation with special emphasis on UAE Nationals.


Operational Context Latitude of Operation
  • The Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering - Studies (RE-ES) is frequently called upon as a technical reference in reservoir simulation and in related issues like: reservoir management, reservoir characterization, dynamic rock typing, permeability distribution, routine and specialized core analyses, understanding and modeling fluid properties and its distribution, and enhanced oil recovery. The technical advice to the different COMPANY asset teams has substantial impact on the company's short and long term field development planning decisions, production capacity and profitability. The individual in the position plays a mentoring role for the development of UAE National reservoir engineers.
  • Empowered to exercise maximum freedom, within broad professional and industry standards, is a key attribute of the position. Within broad strategic guidelines, the Discipline Expert Reservoir Engineering - Studies (RE-ES) is answerable for his actions, and for the consequences of them.
  • Occupies a front-line, visible and high profile position with regard to reservoir studies and dynamic modeling issues and practices. Has regular high level contacts with COMPANY / ADNOC management and with the Industry Shareholders' top technical specialists and major oil service company representatives specifically on technical issues related to studies and modeling specifically and on reservoir engineering in general. The levels of contacts demand that the incumbent has the ability to articulate the key components of resource plans and technical studies in a highly focused manner.
Work Interfaces
  • Reports to Reservoir Manager TC (D&D) regularly on the technical work progress and plans, participates in the weekly TC (D&D) team meetings.
  • Leads the discipline coordination meetings related to reservoir studies and dynamic modeling.
  • As requested, participates in FFD Planning and provide consultation on the studies/simulation issues and on progress.
  • Builds strong relationships with related divisions up to the level of manager on work related issues.
  • Communicates with the shareholders and industry on the transfer of reservoir engineering related technology to COMPANY.
  • Participates in the activities of related professional societies to promote COMPANY's image as well as transfer of technology to COMPANY.
Detailed Description Main Duties
  • Understands and promotes the company's health, safety & environmental policy and objectives; performs work in accordance with the company's established rules, regulations and approved procedures; intervenes to stop unsafe acts and practices; and is accountable for the well being and safety of own self and others, including all contracted labor force - unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled.
  • Plans, directs and actively participates in the ongoing training and development of own self and subordinates with special emphasis on UAE Nationals. This includes assessing employees' training and development needs, directing the preparation of structured development programs, monitoring progress and counseling trainees on alternative career paths and job profiles available in the company.
  • Maintains contacts with the Shareholders and the Industry on the latest advances in reservoir simulation technology, software and hardware.
  • Holds reservoir engineering and multi-disciplinary knowledge sharing meetings to promote the transfer of experience, knowledge and best practices across COMPANY and from the shareholders and industry on reservoir simulation and modeling techniques, approaches.
  • Reviews reservoir modeling related project proposals and implementation within MPAP process. This includes assisting the asset teams in reviewing the technical content of studies & projects prior to Project Board business evaluation.
  • As requested, reviews technical reports prior to publication to ensure consistent implementation across assets.
  • Promotes and participates in internal and external Peer Assists and Peer Reviews.
  • Evaluates and/or recommends on testing and application of new reservoir simulation technologies, software and hardware, as required.
  • Works jointly with other Discipline Experts to provide multidisciplinary solutions and to integrate applications around processes, tools, techniques, software, etc.



Job Requirements


  • Minimum of MSc in Petroleum Engineering, Earth Sciences or equivalent. PhD is preferable.

Work Experience

  • More than 15 years experience in the petroleum industry, with the last 10 years reasonably balanced between reservoir management and simulation with emphasis on reservoir modeling and simulation, including a leadership position in the last 3 years and a history of delivery at an excellent level of performance.
  • Industry-recognized authority in reservoir engineering with in-depth theoretical and practical experience.
  • Significant experience in application of reservoir simulation tools, field development, and interfacing with geological models and modelers.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of the capabilities and limitations of various reservoir simulation software and tools. Familiarity with vendors' capabilities.


  • Dynamic, self motivated, excellent oral and written communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent project management skills including business and technical risk analysis.


  • Proven track record in technology application and transfer to operations.
  • Demonstrated ability in coaching and mentoring new hires.

Physical Demands

  • Minimal - regular walking, standing, and keyboard use for up to 50% of the work day

Work Environment

  • 70% air conditioned office
  • 30% field visits

Additional Details


Technical Responsibilities

Advise, as requested, on all major reservoir studies and dynamic modeling activities, undertaken by the teams, including but not limited to:

  • Building fit-for-purpose simulation and integrated asset models in alignment with COMPANY business objectives and shareholders guidance.
  • Full utilization of data and results from reservoir monitoring activities to support dynamic modeling.
  • Reservoir characterization, rock typing, SCAL, reservoir property upscaling, describing fluid properties variation, in coordination with COMPANY G&G, Petrophysics, SCAL, PVT discipline experts and other subject matter specialists.
  • Assuring proper software and resources (staff, third party consultant, hardware) are employed in developing and tuning Equation of State (EOS) models for compositional simulation, in coordination with COMPANY EOR and PVT Specialists.
  • Applying the most appropriate reservoir modeling, simulation, and visualization techniques in all areas related to reservoir simulation (e.g. initialization, history matching and predictions).
  • Applying consistent procedures for validating simulation results, selection and application of appropriate simulation models (e.g. single well, cross-section, sector and full field models) as dictated by the problem.
  • Helping to develop strategies and contingency plans for full field development and field pilots (gas injection, water injection, WAG, tracers injection, EOR etc.) based on simulation results.
  • Conduct uncertainty studies to evaluate business risks and uncertainties related to reserves evaluation, development plan, production profiles, wells and production capacity requirements.

COMPANY Strategy for Reservoir Simulation Software and Hardware:

  • Advises on reservoir simulation software and hardware strategies and requirements. Interacts with ADNOC, other OPCOs and International Shareholders, as needed.
  • Advises on reservoir simulation and associated software contracts.

Competence Assurance

Assists as requested on CAM's program, Career Ladder, Recruitment and Training.

Working & Performance Improvement Systems:

  • Participates, as requested, in the development of integrated models for Full Field Development Plans.
  • Provides asset teams with expert advice and consultation in E&P technical related studies and activities that directly impact COMPANY's short and long term field development plans.
  • Leads continual improvement, communication and implementation of reservoir simulation related Technical Working Systems and Standard Operating Systems.
  • Develops a knowledge management system to increase study speed, reduce field review cycle time and minimize loss of "knowledge" from staff transfer, turnover, and retirement.
  • Assists RE-EM in promoting the application of the best practices and methods approved by COMPANY management and Shareholders for reserves/resource estimation and in the dissemination of the fundamentals of the reserves/resource management system to COMPANY staff.
  • As requested, assists RE-EM in annual reserves review and update sessions to assure proper implementation of the fundamentals and in support of the asset teams.
  • Supports the asset teams in the technical review of their data or related duties such as preparation of presentations or recommendations for technical meetings with Shareholders representatives. Investigates specific problems as requested, especially in the area of dynamic reservoir modeling.

Problem Solving

  • A clear capacity to rise above the particulars of a situation. High tolerance for ambiguity with the ability to creatively solve problems where precedent is not sufficient to solve such problems.
  • Ability to identify the key leveraging variables in highly complex situations involving multiple disciplines. Ability to persuade and implement both consultative and executive decisions.
  • Ability to manage field development uncertainty through the anticipation of alternatives, quantifying exposure and maximizing reward.
  • Advises management on resources allocation to define, initiate, critically monitor and review the implementation of hydrocarbon development/redevelopment projects. Ability to identify the key leveraging variables in complex situations involving multiple disciplines.
  • Can oversee major reservoir engineering activities and processes of all asset teams, resolving conflicts when they arise and identifying outstanding performance.

Due to the advisory role of the position, the incumbent can be continuously on-call or simultaneously involved in several tasks not related to each other. The incumbent is expected to have the mental rigor and flexibility to deal with frequent disruptions and to make or assist in making optimal technical decisions regardless of the nature or timing of the disruption

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