Reservoir Simulation Engineer - Denver, Colorado

Location Denver, United States
Date Posted December 19, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


ENGINEERING Reservoir Simulation Engineer in Denver, CO. Participate in integrated, reservoir simulation studies including 1) Setting-up of black-oil, compositional, thermal simulation data sets; 2) Primary, secondary and tertiary recovery in conventional reservoirs; 3) Cyclical injection/ withdrawals for gas storage operations; 4) Evaluation of gas storage reservoir pressure and rate data for reservoir hysteresis, inventory verification and general performance issues; 5) CO2 sequestration in depleted oil and gas fields; 6) Preparation of comprehensive simulation model datasets for unconventional reservoirs including geo-mechanical reservoir parameters and detailed fracture treatment reports; 7) Calibration of simulation models to historical fractreatment and post-frac performance using assisted history matching technology. Master's degree in Chemical or Petroleum Engineering. Please send resume to NITEC LLC at

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