Reservoir petrography/geochemistry & diagenesis engineer-H/F in Pau, France

at Total
Location Pau, France
Date Posted September 10, 2019
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Pau (64)The Total’s Exploration & Production department aims to discover and develop oil & gas fields to satisfy a rising demand.
One of a specifically service of EP, Biostratigraphy & Mineral Geochemistry (BGM), hosts the geological laboratory facilities (core-house, rock/water analysis and HR Microscopy) and the key specialties of Biostratigraphy, Mineral Geochemistry and Diagenesis. The BGM service is intended to be transverse and innovative, and supports key values such as safety, pragmatism, trust, autonomy, solidarity and well-being.
We recruit a reservoir petrography/geochemistry & diagenesis engineer. Your responsibilities will be :

Identify the rocks (lithology, type, origin of primary components) and describe the different phases of diagenesis (compaction, cementation, dissolution, in relation to hydrocarbon migration). Identify the most appropriate approaches and tools allowing to further describe and constrain diagenetic conditions depending on the nature of samples.
Perform petrography-mineralogy studies of clastic or carbonate reservoirs. Establish diagenetic sequences (mineralogy, texture, cements, dissolution and porosity typology) using traditional techniques, such as thin sections, point counting, SEM/Mineralogy 2D mapping, cathodoluminescence, Fluid inclusions, isotopes...).
Perform when necessary the critical Quality Control of legacy internal or external petro-diagenesis studies.
Define the diagenetic processes impacting reservoir quality in relation to the tectono-sedimentary context
Run (under supervision) predictive models of reservoir quality (Touchstone ...).
Ensure proper data acquisition by external laboratory contractors (Fluid Inclusions, isotopic tracing and dating...) and interpret results in terms of diagenetic processes (T-P conditions, HC charge, nature and origin of diagenetic waters...).
Stay abreast of technological advances for inorganic geochemistry tools and concepts of interpretation.
Contribute to the know-how and the knowledge sharing for the mineral geochemistry specialty within ISS/BGM and externally. Contributes to R&D; actions in their area of expertise.
Profil recherché
PhD in petrography-geochemistry-diagenesis of sedimentary rocks/reservoirs, you have a minimum of 3 years experience in petroleum geology or reservoir quality. English is mandatory and ideally French speaking.

Région, département, localité64 - Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Type d’emploi
Niveau d’expérience requis3- 6 ans
A propos de nous/Profil de l'entreprise
Donnez le meilleur de vous-même à l’énergie ! Rejoignez TOTAL : plus de 500 métiers différents dans 130 pays. Une entreprise responsable avec des standards de sécurité et d’éthique forts, des perspectives d’évolution de carrière variées, une culture de l’innovation et une mission partagée par les 100.000 collaborateurs du Groupe : rendre l’énergie meilleure jour après jour.
Tâche arrivée à expiration25-Oct-2019

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