at Weatherford
Location Saudi Arabia
Date Posted January 2, 2017
Category Petroleum Engineer
Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 15



Job Scope:

The Petrophysicist  Senior I for Interpretation and Evaluation Services (IES) is responsible for providing timely and accurate log interpretation with data acquired from open hole, cased hole, surface logging, or LWD instruments, and presenting the results to client representatives.  Additionally, senior analysts are local leaders in their technical discipline, and serve as mentors to junior level employees in their regions.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Interacts with other domains or departments to complete projects and understands the correlative effects of work on those groups.
  • Publishes industry papers, industry publication editorials, peer review papers, industry tools or presentations.
  • Establishes a local technical and support network inside and outside company, across domains, active in local or regional technical or professional events.
  • Identifies need for multiple discipline collaboration in order to solve complex problems and create single or cross-discipline solutions.
  • Organizes and conducts effective client meetings to understand client needs, challenges, expectations, and mutual gains through negotiations.
  • Guides full workflow and integrates cross-functional efforts of team members to meet client needs.
  • Participates in formulating technical strategy and planning at the local level.
  • Demonstrates self-driven attitude in managing workload, anticipating and resolving challenges and identifying personal, team, or business growth.
  • Uses knowledge of standing among competitors to pursue business opportunities in the market, taking into account positive/negative impact to resources, quality, safety, and profit.
  • Contributes to external or internal classes by leading team discussions, training projects.
  • Provides mentoring and training for junior level employees, seeks opportunities to be mentored by senior level professionals.
  • Completes all assigned trainings on the E-Connect.
  • Uses best practices and technical knowledge to adapt existing techniques or procedures to resolve problems on smaller, local projects and improve services.
  • Recognizes both verbal and non-verbal cues in order to clearly communicate direction, critique, provide feedback, or resolve issues.
  • Leads decision making process and adapts leadership styles to effectively meet the needs of the team or project and address challenges.
  • Promote Weatherford’s Interpretation and Evaluation Services and its capabilities within the Weatherford organization through technical presentations and knowledge transfer to other product lines.
  • Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.
  • Understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.
  • Complete all QHSE Training.
  • Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.
  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.

Skills & Knowledge:


  • Expertise in WL and LWD data interpretation and its applications
  • Work effectively as a member of a team, as well as work independently in multidisciplinary teams.
  • Excellent written / oral / presentation skills
  • Flexibility, enthusiasm and commitment
  • Excellent personnel management, mentoring organizational and planning capabilities
  • Strong negotiation skills.


  • Experience interpreting conventional and unconventional reservoirs.
  • Knowledge of wireline cased hole and open hole log analysis.
  • Understanding of mudlogging and coring.
  • Basic knowledge of directional drilling and well planning
  • Basic knowledge in well placement

Minimum Qualifications:


  • Bachelors (or higher) Degree in Geosciences, Science or Engineering.
  • 6-16 consecutive years of relevant professional experience in the upstream petroleum industry.
  • 6-16 years experience working as an LWD and/or Wireline Geoscientist in the upstream petroleum industry.
  • Fluent in English.  Excellent Written & Oral Communication skills.
  • Very good presentation skills.


  • 15+ years experience working as an LWD and/or Wireline Geoscientist in the upstream petroleum industry.
  • Masters (or higher) Degree in Geosciences, Science or Engineering.
  • Previous work experience with both operator and service company.

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