Reservoir Engineer - UAE

at Seaowl
Location United Arab Emirates
Date Posted July 3, 2017
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


We are currently recruiting experienced Reservoir Engineer on behalf of a major international Oil Company

Location: United Arab Emirates   Onshore

Start Date:  01/08/2017



  • Perform integrated reservoir evaluations and build reservoir numerical models using several simulation models, preferably (‘CMG’) and Eclipse.
  • Perform probabilistic reservoir simulation with CMOST, MEPO
  • Understand production concepts and processes to work in collaboration with production engineers.
  • Knowledge of some basic production simulation tools like Prosper, GAP, etc.
  • Audit existing field development plans for oil and gas fields, and identify potential to improve production levels and reduce field development costs
  • Integrate geological descriptions into numerical reservoir models, along with all production analysis and water production data
  • Assure the technical quality of project deliverables
  • Manage project teams and execute reservoir-engineering projects according to the schedule and within the budget following the proposed technical methodology
  • Manage multidisciplinary technical specialists over the course of project
  • Write technical and economic proposals, including technical methodology, schedule, and cost (budget)
  • Manage communications with the client and maintain the relationship as a trusted consultant
  • Manage internal documentation regarding project progress and completion. Write reports and presentations.

Specific Technical Skills:

  • Perform PVT and phase behaviour analysis
  • Identify equilibrium regions and perform pressure analysis
  • Complete SCAL analysis to identify rock type properties
  • Complete RFT data and pressure data analysis
  • Execute production data analysis and aquifer analysis
  • Understand reservoir compartmentalization based on geology and other data available
  • Complete OOIP and recovery factor calculations
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Import the geocellular model (fully stochastic) into a reservoir simulation  model, which will include coordinates, permeability, porosity, fracture coordinates, and other static arrays
  • Assess grid dimensions and upscaling workflows for converting from the fine-grid geological model
  • Validate the upscaling by comparing static property distribution with the fine-grid model
  • Run a full physics simulation to validate the upscaled models response versus the fine-grained model
  • Input PVT and SCAL tables into the model
  • Initialize the model and compare the OOIP numbers with the static model
  • History Matching
  • Field Development Planning

This job will be on basis

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