at Weatherford
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted April 14, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 5




The Advisor significantly contributes to winning work and consulting on one or more large-scale projects simultaneously. By combining years of technical experience with keen business insight, strong negotiation proficiency and leadership skills, the Advisor builds relationships with clients through identifying and resolving client challenges. Sales skills, project management and inter-personal skills are essential for success in this role.


Manage consulting services group

Provide technical leadership to multi-disciplinary projects. The candidate should have a good understanding geological concepts, geophysics and petrophysical methods, drilling/completion techniques, and production engineering concepts.

Proficiency in Reservoir Engineering tasks such as but not limited to:

Review all available geoscience and engineering data to define objectives, strategy, limitations for reservoir study.

Ability to formulate a development strategy for conventional and unconventional resources.

Pressure build-up analysis to determine reservoir characteristics, identify boundaries, determine near well damage/improvement and average reservoir pressure.

Evaluate pressure-rate history using RTA and decline curve methods

Use of the PVT data to define fluid properties for reservoir modelling

Evaluate well’s past performance to forecast expected behaviour

History match of observed performance using numerical reservoir simulator

Review all geoscience, engineering and field data/analysis to select appropriate inputs for static and dynamic reservoir modelling

Experience with defining completion strategies, performing production allocation and selecting reservoir and surface condition for reliable production forecasting

Perform the economic evaluation for every development strategy studied

Experience with reservoir management under primary recovery; secondary recovery including water flood, gas injection; and EOR methods for all reservoir configuration and fluid types.

Experience with Shale Gas and Shale Oil development including performance evaluation for determining effectiveness of completion and recompletion options.

Define Proficiency with performing reservoir simulation studies using industry standard reservoir simulators.

field development plan or field rejuvenation strategy for optimal reservoir exploitation

Review client tenders and proposals. Negotiate details and project scope as needed to create a mutually beneficial and profitable transaction. Address client concerns and objections in a manner that reduces tension or potential areas of conflict.

Liaise with client to determine project scope, set expectations, manage deliverables, and make decisions that may impact change throughout the project lifecycle. Resolve or assist in resolving any complex problems or conflicts that arise during or after the project.

Manage, plan and monitor one or more large-scale client projects simultaneously – whether large in size, region or economic impact. Facilitate a project team, ensuring that all milestones are met and resources and budget are in line with project objectives.

Work with a team and the client, advising on data as needed to estimate production potential. Identify potential issues for the client, form hypothesis based on technical data or simulations and present solutions or alternatives to the client.

Prepare reports and presentations based on technical review and interpretation. Deliver answer product recommendations to clients in order to generate new business in alignment with global business objectives and local technical strategy. Introduce additional options, technology or services that can be provided by Weatherford product lines in order to generate revenue. Connect professionals to the project as needed and oversee execution of services.

Facilitate pre and post-sale client sessions that determine needs/challenges, address client questions, manage expectations and resolve concerns in order to exceed clients’ expectations and meet internal quality, time and budget constraints.

Lead and mentor junior level technical professionals and consultants. Consult internally on improvement criteria, learning and competence standards and domain development.

Remain current on industry regulations, developments and the technical community. Contribute to the global technical society in thought leadership exercises and advisory boards.

Complete all mandatory training, as assigned, including the required HSE training, in compliance with corporate and business unit guidelines. Maintain an acceptable HSE record.

Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.

Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.

Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.



Computer Literacy in MS Windows plus basic desktop applications

Able to work independent with remote and infrequent supervision

Able to lead small teams of professional and technical members

Proficiency in industry leading Reservoir Engineering Modeling and Simulation Software

Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering or Geoscience from recognized university

Minimum 10 years at the advisory or supervisory level post MS/PHD.

Minimum 15 to 20 years functional experience post MS/PHD.

The physical ability to immediately respond to emergency situations

Availability for frequent local or global travel with no restrictions


Multi-disciplinary team technical management experience to define objectives and operational guidelines for defining a cross domains solution

Project management experience with defining activities, determining resources and monitoring project timeline for a successful delivery of multi-disciplinary solution as specified in statement of work or scope.

Experience evaluating performance of shale wells using analytical methods

Experience with software’s such as Peep, Kappa Saphir, MBal, Prosper, Wellflo, Pansystem, Fekete Harmony etc.

Minimum 5 years experience with US unconventional asset development

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