Reservoir Engineer — Calgary, Canada

at VR Solutions
Location Calgary, Canada
Date Posted April 19, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


As a small consulting engineering services provider, VR Solutions is currently accepting resumes for Reservoir and Simulation Engineers to assist with their reservoir consulting services as follows:

  • Provide Reservoir Engineering input and support to integrated subsurface teams
  • Prepares guidelines, plans and actions for optimum reservoir and wells optimization and management
  • Input into subsurface modelling simulation and integrated production modelling
  • Conduct reservoir engineering evaluations for evaluation of well performance and completion strategies, prediction of reservoir performance, and optimization of future depletion and development plans
  • Prepare detailed studies of producing properties, and determine ultimate primary and potential secondary recovery
  • Build simulation models and use these to generate forecasts - short term, medium term and long term
  • Have understanding of reservoir characterization and interpret / incorporate simulation results, understand phase behavior and use in material balance calculations, perform decision and risk analysis, thorough understanding of well tests and their application, research well histories & well files in order to understand all prior well work
  • Experience in Material balance analysis, fluid characterization, data interpretation, well-test interpretation, well performance and production forecasting
  • Extensive experience with numerical reservoir simulation, and proficiency in one of the advanced software in reservoir simulation
  • Experience in Reservoir Management including production and recovery optimization and field development
  • Extensive experience with economic evaluation of conventional reservoirs and EOR
  • Ability to interpret well data and to define workflows for reservoir characterization and production optimization.

Requirements/ Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s (or higher) degree  in petroleum engineering from an accredited university
  • Advanced user of reservoir engineering applications tools and software (PVT, material balance, nodal analysis, well test analysis, simulation)
  • Self-motivated person and able to perform assigned projects with minimum supervision
  • Ability to work with multi-functional teams, prioritize projects and have good interpersonal skills
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