Reservoir Engineer - Angola

at Orion Group
Location Angola
Date Posted May 16, 2017
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 2


910454 - Reservoir Engineer

Established in Scotland in 1987, Orion Group has achieved consistent growth over the ensuing 30 years and is now an international leader in the provision of personnel to the Oil and Gas / Rail and wider Engineering Industries.

Today Orion Group manages the placement of thousands of contractors every year via our worldwide network of 57 offices throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Job Description

  • Carry out detailed studies to provide production forecasts and reserves estimates for various field development scenarios (including development with and without fluid injection). The results of the studies will help in the selection of the most optimal / economic development plan. The studies will involve some or all of the following:
  • Dynamic reservoir simulation (e.g. using ECLIPSE);
  • Material Balance analysis (e.g. using MBAL);
  • Well performance analysis/design/optimization (e.g. using PROSPER);
  • Building of Integrated Asset Models to ensure that the surface facilities constraints are properly taken into account in the production forecasts;
  • Decline Curve Analysis.
  • Carry out Well Test analysis (e.g. using Interpret, Ecrin).
  • Carry out production optimization studies as required.
  • Properly document all the studies.
  • Provide reservoir engineering contributions to be included in the documentation needed for obtaining our client's internal project approval.
  • Note that in order to ensure that various surface and sub-surface uncertainties and constraints are properly taken into account, it is necessary for the Reservoir Engineer to interact with colleagues from other disciplines (e.g. Petrophysicists, Reservoir Geologists, Petroleum Engineers, Geophysicists, Drilling Engineers, Facilities Engineers, etc.).
  • In conjunction with staff from other sections, make data acquisition plans and follow-up the implementation (e.g. DST, PVT, MDT/SFT/Geotap/Stethoscope, PLT, cores, etc.).
  • Monitor well and reservoir performance and recommend appropriate actions for improving the production and reserves.
  • Provide reservoir engineering contributions to well proposals.
  • Follow-up drilling and workover activities and provide reservoir engineering contributions as may be necessary in case plans have to be modified (e.g. if unplanned side-track is required).
  • In conjunction with staff from other sections, define analyses to be done on cores and PVT samples. Follow-up the laboratory analyses.
  • Represent our client in technical meetings with the Operator and / or Partners to discuss field development plans, production optimization plans, technical work programs and updates on the implementation of the work programs.
  • Contribute ideas and challenge the Operator to ensure that our client gets value for money from the investments made in the Non-Operated Assets.
  • Follow-up the production, drilling and workover activities.
  • Follow-up reservoir engineering studies being done by the Operator and make comments and contributions which could enhance the quality of the studies.
  • Based on documentation from the Operator, provide reservoir engineering contributions to be included in the documentation needed for obtaining the clients internal project approval.
  • Provide support during our clients production forecasting/reserves evaluation process (estimation, evaluation, reporting, revisions, audit, forecast/budget/4Y Plan preparation, production optimization programs).

Personal Specification

  • Degree in Petroleum Engineering;
  • At least 2 years of reservoir engineering experience both in reservoir studies and field development.
  • Drilling & completion basic course
  • Geology & Geophysics basic course
  • Geology & Geophysics advanced course
  • Subsurface & reservoir advanced course
  • Geology & Laboratories course
  • Exploration course
  • Exploration software tools course
  • Petroleum Engineering

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