Reservoir Engineer — Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted April 10, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 10


Purpose and Scope

Directs and participates in reservoir testing, evaluation and interpretation activities and recommends optimum methods of performance monitoring. Participates in studies designed to define optimum reservoir development plans. Includes setting reservoir testing programs, interpreting results and liaising with other team members and Field Operations personnel to coordinate reservoir engineering requirements. Ensures final reporting well file updating for all analysis and field data and ensures data input by concerned staff. When involved with study projects ensures the receipt, calibration, computer manipulation and output of production test data. Provides advice to other team members on reservoir engineering aspects of the study.

Key Performance Indicators

· Reservoir monitoring surveillance program is properly designed to meet reservoir objectives.

Test analysis results reviewed to ensure high quality and accuracy of reservoir description


· Reservoir descriptions and dynamic models are accurate and up to date.

Study objectives are integrated with other field activities to meet business plan guidelines.


· Sound technical proposals.

· Viable and acceptable recommendations.

Timely and effective reporting on study progress and results.

Reservoir engineering requirements are properly documented in various contracting activities (e.g. PCT, SCAL, Logging ... etc.)

· Well defined scope of work for reservoir engineering studies.

High technical standard are maintained during whole project.

· Nature and frequency of reservoir simulation studies.


· Clear study objectives, scope and plan of action.

· Reservoir studies to extend production plateau - and enhance oil recovery.

Regular progress reports.
Latest software applications/programs are used in Reservoir Engineering studies

· Accurate well data files are kept and updated in different Reservoir Engineering data bases.

High standard and accurate Reservoir Engineering data is utilized in different Adco's reviews and reports.

Opportunities for improvements are identified and implemented

· Up to date with the state of the art Reservoir Engineering technologies and procedures.


· Embrace new technology and find practical applications for it.

Acts as a resource to others, available for technical advice and willingly shares new technology with others

· Engineers are trained and developed and given ample opportunity to participate in the team's activities.

· Ensures safe working procedure during field testing/logging and other activities.

Reviews performance of simulation programs, new software releases and other reservoir engineering related tools and applications. Liaises with DE(RE) and IT Support staff to test and identify appropriate packages and advises team management on the purchase or leasing of new software

Ensures proper maintenance of reservoir engineering data including timely receipt, QCing, and updating of production data in associated files or databases. This includes routine and special core analysis data, PVT data, pressure tests, and production capacity test results used in reservoir engineering studies

Identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

· Keeps abreast of latest technological development in the field of reservoir engineering.

- Attends conferences, seminars and reviews technical periodicals.

- Draws on the experience of other major oil/gas companies to ensure application of latest reservoir management technology.

Evaluates/recommends trials of new technologies.

Knows Company health, safety and environmental policy, procedures and objectives related to his/her area of responsibility; ensures effective implementation


· Cost/benefit analyses.

Risk and uncertainty analysis

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