Production Engineer in Bergen, Norway

at Competentia
Location Bergen, Norway
Date Posted May 8, 2018
Category Petroleum Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Number: 20862
Location: Bergen
Date Posted: May 09, 2018
Description about project/department:
DPN OTE POP OSE is a multidisciplinary petec team responsible for petroleum technical work on the Oseberg Main, Oseberg Sør, Oseberg Øst, Oseberg Satelites, Veslefrikk and Tune fields. Reservoir management and maturation of new wells and well interventions are our main tasks. The new Oseberg H unmanned platform will also be part of Oseberg Petech’s responsibility. Although the Oseberg area is a mature area, the activity is high with continuous drilling on 3 platforms and drilling campaign under evaluation for OSE and VFR. We have more than 120 platform and subsea wells producing and injecting. The Oseberg Main field is approaching a gas blowdown phase, and balancing oil recovery and gas production is an important task for the unit.
Competence requirements:
Strong skills in production engineeringExperience from Petec team in operationsExperience from well planningRelevant software competence, Petroleum Experts suite
Workplace: Sandsli, Bergen
Contact: Espen Ørland, Mob: 45 49 73 90

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