Petroleum Reservoir Engineer - Houston, TX

at Crestwood Midstream
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted August 1, 2016
Category Petroleum Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 2


Job Description and Responsibilities:

Work with operations and other personnel to monitor and efficiently operate natural gas storage facilities.

• Be able to work in a team environment with other stakeholders including safety, environmental, engineering, construction, finance, regulatory, operation, and other planning teams.

• Provide planning, guidance, analysis, operational and technical engineering support and recommendations for Crestwood's Underground Natural Gas Storage assets (including reservoir and salt cavern gas storage) using analytical tools, system knowledge, and engineering principles.

• The Gas Storage Engineer should understand the theory, engineering, geological and practical field operation involved with reservoir and salt cavern storage.

• The position is expected to execute measurable results in gas storage compliance requirements, system analysis and reliability, infrastructure replacement, long range project planning, and peak demand preparedness.

• Conduct well surveys for sub-surface integrity management

• Monitor and calculate storage inventories over time (both reservoir and salt cavern storage).

• Coordinate the gathering of well data from storage field facilities.

• Converse with plant supervisors and address situations that impact storage availability and reliability

• Provide technical support to operating personnel when required to maintain safe and reliable storage operations

• Make cost effective recommendations to maintain or enhance gas storage plant operations and reliability.

• Investigate infrastructure failures and other operating problems, and develop associated corrective action plans to be implemented by engineering, operation and construction teams.

• Interpret storage operating data to address potential capacity or storage inadequacies.

• Prepare various special and annual reports or analyses that are necessary for effective operation and/or regulatory compliance.

• Oversee activities of outside contractors working on department projects

• Be liaison between storage and other departments, such as engineering, planning, corrosion, integrity, gas control, safety, environmental and construction groups.

• Develop average reservoir pressure plots and relate to well/field performance.

• Evaluate performance of these wells and provide conclusions regarding field performance.

• Evaluate wells used to monitor zones above and below the storage formations.

• Verify inventory by evaluating p/Z versus GIP performance, stabilized pressure corrections and other monitoring programs both in reservoir storage fields and salt caverns

• Supervise and conduct casing inspection surveys and monitoring for behind-pipe gas migration

Educational Requirements:
A bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering with two to seven years work experience in natural gas storage (preferably both depleted gas fields and salt cavern storage).


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