Petroleum Geologist - Brisbane, Australia

at Queensland Government
Location Brisbane, Australia
Date Posted September 8, 2017
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Key Duties and Accountabilities
Apply general knowledge and concepts of basin and petroleum systems analysis to assist with determining the following:
The mechanisms and timing of basin-forming events, tectonic evolution, and structural architecture;
the depositional rates and methods of sedimentary accumulation with identification of key lithotypes, Lithofacies, and environments of deposition along with the delineation and correlation of lithostratigraphic and chronostratigraphic units;
the application of sequence stratigraphy for development of paleogeographic reconstructions;
the identification and characterization of reservoir and source rock intervals and;
the methods and timing for hydrocarbon generation, migration and entrapment;
Interpretation of geological, geophysical, and petrophysical data sets collected from industry and through government work programs;
Identification or development of play concepts, delineation of play fairways, and mapping or modelling of play characteristics. Produce or support provision of maps for key structural horizons and source/reservoir characteristics;
Assessment of petroleum and gas resources, including the delivery of deterministic and/or probabilistic estimates of in-place and technically recoverable volumes;
Assist with the development and execution of technical studies and exploration programs in collaboration with industry, universities, and/or other research organisations; Provide support for project management including preparation of project plans and supervision/administration of scope, contractors, budget and schedule.
Technical Expertise

  • Continuously builds knowledge, keeping up-to-date on the professional/technical procedural aspects of their job.
  • Willingly shares knowledge with others.
  • Applies professional and occupational knowledge to immediate work tasks.
  • Seeks out opportunities to build and expand professional networks and relationships with key contacts.

Technology & Systems

  • Applies computer applications for use in more complex tasks.
  • Supports the implementation of system improvements and enhancements and the introduction of new technologies.
  • Able to plan effectively, making optimum use of time and resources to successfully manage individual output by prioritising a broad range of tasks and focusing on key issues.

Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Works cooperatively within a team and is able to integrate work across multi-functions effectively.
  • Understands the needs of team members and shares information to assist with coordination of work between areas.
  • Actively listens and takes a problem solving approach to difficult situations.


  • Constructs easy to read logical and fact based arguments, decisions and recommendations based on understanding, research and analysis.
  • Produces documents that contain information necessary to achieve their intended purpose.
  • Applies an understanding of freedom of information and privacy obligations when drafting correspondence and reports.
  • Develops presentations suitable for a range of audiences and settings.

Mandatory Requirements or Special Conditions

  • Degree from a recognised tertiary institution in Geology or Earth Sciences or an acceptable equivalent qualification as determined by the Director-General.
  • At least five years effective working experience with particular emphasis on petroleum geoscience.

**For further information please refer to Role Profile**
Applications to remain current for 12 months. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

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