Operations Geology Specialist in Lagos, Nigeria

at ExxonMobil
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Date Posted January 29, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Job Role Summary
The Early Capability Operations Geologist specialist, like all geoscientists, is expected to develop a broad range of fundamental geoscience skills and the ability to comprehend and integrate knowledge, ideas and skills to solve geologic problems across exploration, development, production and research functions. Assignments will provide the opportunity to acquire these fundamental skills through on-the-job experience and training. Work quality and quantity, demonstrating leadership and mentoring are performance dimensions that are expected to expand in scope and breadth through time. The specialist brings an analytical background, usually in geoscience or engineering, and may or may not have had experience with drillwell operations. The focus will be to build depth in the three sub-disciplines of Operations Geology: Site Investigation, Integrated Pore Pressure Prediction, and Well Planning and Surveillance. The Early Capability Operations Geology specialist will be able to contribute independently in their role as well as mentor those less experienced and those in other disciplines on the concepts of Operations Geology to ensure that the drilled wells attain the well objectives.

Job Role Responsibilities
Active member of a subsurface team responsible for a geologic asset
Geologic inputs (including geohazards & pore pressure prediction) to the drill well planning
Ensures the input is aligned with the team's objectives and there is proper integration of the drill well objectives
Provides active well surveillance during drilling operations
Builds familiarity with all the roles on the subsurface team
Mentors the team members on the operations geology input.
Tasks include shallow geohazards identification, pre-drill pore pressure prediction, pre-drill well planning, post-well follow up on all operations

The ideal candidate must possess the following requirements:

Ph.D. or Masters degree in Geoscience (Geology or Geophysics) and a Bachelors degree with a minimum of second

class upper in Geology, Geophysics or Physics

 A maximum of three (3) continuous years of relevant industry experience
 NYSC discharge or exemption certificate

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