at Mde group
Location Stjørdal, Norway
Date Posted May 23, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Job description:
The overall objectives of
the Operations Geologist function are to ascertain that all operation
geological work in all well projects is performed in a correct, safe and
cost-efficient way, in accordance with acts, regulations, and internal
requirements and best practice routines. Responsibility:

· Work in teams with other disciplines · Participate in the well construction process o Prediction and evaluation of pore pressure, stress and wellbore stability o Data Acquisition Program o Geo steering and well placement o Implement experiences and lessons learned from reference wells o Site Survey / Shallow Gas Evaluation o Contribute to risk assessments o Prepare geo hazard log · Follow up wells in operation, evaluation of drilling parameters and acquired data · Identify needs for Wellsite geologist and to man up rig accordingly · Supervise the Wellsite geologists and ensure high quality deliveries to meet well objectives · Follow up that the wellsite geology work is being done according to established routines · Be responsible for storing the acquired data, and updating relevant databases · Participate in / contribute to sum-up meetings · Prepare Final geological and reservoir technical end of well report and Completion Log · Compile experience reports and identify coming needs for special studies and data acquisition Competence requirements: Minimum 2 years of relevant onshore operations geology experience Wellsite experience is preferred Good pore pressure skills and mud logging/LWD/MWD knowledge Necessary IT skills: Gravitas, Predict and preferably Openworks

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