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Location Denver, United States
Date Posted October 10, 2017
Category Geologist
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The Operations Geologist is responsible for overseeing geosteering and the execution of the geology-related aspects of the drilling program. This includes providing geologic data for the planning and permitting of new wells, creating and/or updating of geologic prognoses, identifying a pre-drill target window for directional plans, and geosteering of horizontal wells within the defined stratigraphic window or interval within the target reservoir. This will also include but is not limited to: Geosteering operations during the drilling phase, non-Geosteering operations for picking casing points, coring points or markers, end-of-well analysis and report, and any other support needed including vertical planning and well operations (mud logging, OH logging, identifying potential formation hazards prior to drilling). Before, during, and after each well is drilled, well folders will be updated and maintained to allow other members of the team to access up-to-date data and interpretations. The position will require effective written and verbal communication with office and field staff for all disciplines of the business unit as needed including mentoring others in operations geology. Additionally, the position will provide support and communication to the other disciplines related to successful drilling and completion of each well, including: drilling, geology, completions, production operations and reservoir engineering.

Assist team as needed with building staking packets for Land and Operations Engineering for new horizontal or vertical wells. Make sure existing wells are included on maps so surveyors know to survey surface locations and well planners can perform anti-collision work.

Coordinate bids for onsite geologic work with other departments input to optimize operations.

Generate all or parts of Geologic Prognoses and Pre-job Steering Packets for upcoming horizontal drill wells, as required. Quality check survey plats against Geologic Prognoses for upcoming vertical and horizontal wells and provide GeoProgs to well planners. Update Geoprogs with new final locations from plats.

Import directional plans from well planners in to GeoGraphix and SES to confirm that target goals are being achieved and hard lines are being honored.

Build GeoGraphix cross sections and create SES well for the drill well before spud.

Obtain working interest owner well requirements from Land for each well and make sure that wellsite contractors (MWD, mudlogger, gyro services) have distribution lists that include people that have rights to the data and excludes those who do not (e.g., WI owners from the previous well).

During drilling of the vertical section, monitor data (MWD GR, ROP, total gas, etc.) and communicate with mudlogger to watch for key markers above KOP and work with team to adjust the directional plan if tops are coming in significantly high or low.

Geosteer well in the curve and lateral to TD following the procedures written in the WellProg document. Attend end/beginning of shift handoff\update meetings with team members. Generate mid-shift update e-mails with brief updates on each rig being steered or monitored.

Assist the rest of the Geology team with other work as steering\operational work load allows. This may include preparing presentation slide decks, data analysis and interpretation including petrophysics or mapping and mentoring fellow staff.

While the well is in the curve or lateral, updated GeoGraphix and SES cross sections in PDF format will be created and saved in the appropriate Well File folder on the shared drive daily. At TD, all well files and databases in SES and GeoGraphix will be scrubbed of working files and only final data will be saved, unless key working files have some important context to convey. Create and distribute a Post-Drill Geosteering Summary PowerPoint file.


B.S. degree in Geology, Geosciences, Petrophysics or related

Preferred 3+ years of relevant professional experience in drilling horizontal wells and geosteering

Strong computer application skills, specifically GeoGraphix and SES (or similar software)

Understanding of geology, petrophysics, geophysics, and mudlogging

Broad knowledge of LWD and Wireline logging technologies and directional drilling applications

Provide technical expertise for the planning, execution and post-well analysis of horizontal and vertical wells as appropriate

Ability to pick core points and manage core handling and analysis

Monitor and interpret real-time data and execute directional communications and decisions to ensure proper placement of the borehole within a specific target

Good understanding of mud logging and drilling operations. On-site experience with real-time operations encouraged

Ability to mentor entry level geologists on all aspects of GeoSteering and Operations Geology

Effective in a multi-discipline team environment - creative and collaborative in problem solving to achieve company objectives

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Have an ability to work independently as well as with a team

Must be able to work flexible hours including weekends and holidays as operational demands require

Must be able to multitask to accomplish several assignments concurrently and effectively work with people at different levels in the organization as needed

Knowledge and practice of company, safety, environmental, governmental policies and regulations as they apply




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United States-Colorado-Denver

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Oct 10, 2017, 12:12:38 PM

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