Operation Geology TOTAL E&P ANGOLA in Luanda, Angola

at Grupo Epalmo
Location Luanda, Angola
Date Posted May 8, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


The SERVICE consists in:
- geological expertise and technical assistance to COMPANY operations teams in Exploration/Appraisal and Development activities.
- optimization of Geological operations,
- minimisation of operational delays while respecting the high standard of safety and environment level,
- identification of high risk situations
- diffusion of preventive measures.
This SERVICE encompasses mainly the following parts:
1. Preparation of future wells,
2. Definition of the well architecture, the casing depths, the trajectory, the drilling and geological hazards and the well data acquisition programmes such as mud logging, solid and fluid sampling, coring, logging while and /or after drilling, formation pressure, in cooperation with other COMPANY entities such as geology, drilling, reservoir, etc
3. Definition with contractors representatives of the Drawing -up of the well technical prognosis reports,
4. Definition of operational procedures and verification of their application,
5. Supervision of geological operations,
6. Control of the quality, validation of the well data to ensure a smooth data flow with other entities, headquarter, partners and third parts,
7. Validation of the daily geological report before its transmission to the COMPANY's operations representative, other entities, headquarter, partners and third parties.
8. Support to the well site geologists on all matters concerning geological operations and well data interpretation,
9. Checking of conformity of services and of all equipment provided by well data acquisition contractors with the related contract specification. Checking of the related invoices and participation to service quality meetings,
10. Logistical support for well site crew changes and samples shipment,
11. Drawing-up of the well composite log and participation to the drawing-up of the geological end of well report,
12. Interpretation and quantification of formation petro-physic characteristics and their fluid contents,
13. Audit data acquisition contractors,
14. Assistance on new tools or when uncommon environmental or operational conditions are faced.
At COMPANY's request, the SERVICE may include assistance to the COMPANY Offshore Well site.
Tools and Software used to provide SERVICE
1. WINLOG - GRAVITAS (HRH application) for geological litho-log and composite log drawing and for the edition of the daily report and end of well report. This reporting software is now used in all TOTAL S.A. affiliates.
2. Gas While Drilling (GWD) in house Excel calculation sheet for the quality control and interpretation of the gas shows.
3. NAVIPRO in house Excel calculation sheet for well deviation and geosteering follow-up of deviated or horizontal wells.
4. Depending on assignments other software are commonly used in TOTAL S.A. affiliates such as :
5. POWERLOG (PETCOM software) for petro-physical quick look and quantitative interpretation of the formations recognized in the well.
6. GEOLOG 6 (PARADIGM software) for quantitative petro-physical interpretation of the formations recognized in the well.
7. DRILLWORKS-PREDICT (KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS software) for formation pressure evaluation before, while and after drilling.
8. BIVIUS (eTech software) for pressure data storage and pressure plot drawing.
9. SISMAGE (in house software) for the geosteering of deviated or horizontal wells with direct link to the seismic interpretation.
10. Microsoft Office Package is routinely used in all TOTAL S.A. affiliates.

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