Operation Geologist Onshore in Angola

at IPAS Partners Ltd
Location Angola
Date Posted July 30, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


Operation Geologist Onshore, Angola deep water wells

Comply with HSE rules and procedures and will be pro-active on this matter by participating actively to the “stop card” or equivalent HSE prevention system.
Report all incident or potentially dangerous situation he would have observed.
Prepare future wells. In cooperation with other entities such as geology, drilling, reservoir, etc. Participate in the WSOR meetings to define, depending of the well objectives, the well architecture, the casing depths, the trajectory, the drilling and geological hazards and the well data acquisition programmes such as mudlogging, solid and fluid sampling, coring, logging while and /or after drilling, formation pressure, etc.
Produce, in cooperation with other entities, the minutes of the WSOR meeting.
Participate in the call for tender process for well data acquisition services by preparing the technical appendices of the contract(s), and evaluating the technical and commercial contents of the offers.
Draw-up the well technical prognosis reports.
Define operational procedures, scope of work and program, and verify their application in accordance with COMPANY’s general specifications, guidelines and recommendations concerning mudlogging, MWD-LWD, electrical logging, coring, geosteering, formation fluids sampling.
Supervise the reception process of personnel and equipment of the well data acquisition service companies and shall ensure that such services are provided in accordance with the provisions of the related contracts and with Company specifications and standards.
Check and validate the invoices of the well data acquisition service companies
Participate in the preparation of regular Service Quality Meetings (SQM) with the services companies
Responsible for the quality of all data acquired in the well with the exception of data under the direct responsibility of other entities working on the well site such as reservoir engineering (tests) / geophysics (well seismic) / drilling (well trajectory and surveys).
Check and validate well data and reports before their transmission from COMPANY’s office to other COMPANY’s AFFILIATES partners and third parties.
Participate actively to the scheduled operational meetings, and un-scheduled operational meetings called by other entities such as geology, drilling or reservoir.
Provide technical support to the well site geologists on all matters concerning geological operations and well data interpretation.
Provide logistical support for well site crew changes and well samples shipment.
Draw-up the well composite log and participate in drawing-up the geological end of well report.
Provide qualitative and/or quantitative reservoir evaluation to quantify the volume of hydrocarbons in the well.
Participate and organize the training of junior geologists.
Provide experience and know how reports when using new well data acquisition tools or when uncommon environmental or operational conditions are faced.
Shall be capable to supervise several rigs under the “WGP Entity” responsibility in the AFFILIATE. In such case, he will be in charge of establishing the planning of the well site geologists and operations geologists.

Tools and software used for the performance of the SERVICES (must have):
-WINLOG – GRAVITAS: (HRH software) for drawing-up litholog, daily report and end of well report
-CORAL: corporate software for Gas While Drilling (GWD) calculation of gas show interpretation
-NAVIPRO & STEERFAST: corporate excel calculation sheet for trajectory follow-up of deviated and geosteered wells
-WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT: Microsoft office package
-DRILLWORKS PREDICT: (KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS software) for formation pressure evaluation before, while and after drilling.
-AMBER: corporate software for qualitative and/or quantitative reservoir evaluation to quantify the volume of hydrocarbons in the well.
-PEARL: corporate software for pore pressure and fluid sampling reporting, validation and interpretation.
-GEOLOG: (PARADIGM software, version 7 or higher) for quantitative reservoir evaluation to quantify the volume of hydrocarbons in the well.

Minimum required experience in similar field of expertise Five (5) years in "Wellsite Geology Supervision” SERVICES, Five (5) years in "Operations Geology" SERVICES
Certification in Operation Geology

Must have the appropriate Certification Degree in the supervision of operation geology applicable to the SERVICES and to any location where the SERVICES are performed and shall possess the required skills and proficiency in HSE. This Certification shall be delivered by a recognized international organization, which methodology for assessment and certification is approved by COMPANY.
The Certification shall demonstrate appropriate skills and experience in the following critical areas:
HSE matters,
Drilling operations,
Mudlogging supervision,
Pore pressure evaluation,
Roles and responsibilities of a Wellsite Geologist or of an office Operation Geologist,
Data acquisition systems and procedures (logging while drilling, wireline logging, coring, data transmission, etc.)

Language proficiency: Fluent English; French would be considered a major advantage

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