Offshore Wellsite Geologist IPF Certified in Luanda, Angola

at IPAS Partners Ltd
Location Luanda, Angola
Date Posted May 13, 2019
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


IPAS Partners Ltd. on behalf of its Client is looking for Wellsite Geologist for offshore mission, on rotation basis 4*4 weeks, WITH IFP Certificate and BOSIET/HUET certificate.
Wellsite Geologist – Offshore – Rotation 4*4 weeks

550 USD Net per day

Travels provided by Company, within the budget of 100 USD per worked day (in local currency).

International Medical cover

Repatriation Insurance

Wellsite Geology Services – Offshore – Angola

Comply with Company HSE rules and procedures and will be pro-active on this matter by participating actively to the “stop card” or equivalent HSE prevention system. Shall report all incident or potentially dangerous situation it will have observed.

Attend pre-spud, daily and HSE meetings on site.

Ensure the strict application, by its personnel of all safety procedures and orders decided by COMPANY drilling supervisor.

Responsible for the quality of all data acquired in the well with the exception of data under the direct responsibility of other entities working on the well site such as reservoir engineering (tests) / geophysics (well seismic) / drilling (well trajectory and surveys).

Supervise the reception process of personnel and equipment of the well data acquisition service companies. This supervision includes the check of quality and reliability of equipment, necessary spare parts and consumables, the performance of the crew and the approval of the resulting job tickets. Ensure that such services are provided in accordance with the provisions of the related contracts and with Company specifications and standards.

Ensure supervision, coordination and/or realization of all geological surveillance tasks:

6.1. Description of shows and cuttings
6.2. Description of side wall cores and conventional cores
6.3. Draw-up of final well composite log and other COMPANY’s required plots or reports as daily geological report, geo-mechanical log, electrical logging report, pressure testing and fluid sampling report, etc.
6.4. Core handling and processing from retrieval of the core barrel on rig floor to the packaging of cores for transportation to the laboratory
6.5. Labelling, conditioning and shipment of all fluid and solid samples collected in the well
6.6. Witnessing of electrical logging acquisition including pressure testing and sampling, cased hole logging jobs including perforations, recourse to back-off and severing tools, whatever conveyance system is used (wireline, tubing, tractor, etc.). CONTRACTOR shall take decision for proper electrical log overlap and re-logging intervals, when deemed necessary.

Quality assessment and quality control of LWD data, real time and memory

Significant contribution to the final well report, applying company standards at all times.

Supervise and ensure regular testing and sensors calibration of mud logging equipment. Calibrations shall be performed at the beginning of each drilling phase, before penetrating reservoir objectives and each time it is considered necessary.

Ensure proper communication between the mud logging personnel and the drilling crews, particularly regarding mud pit level monitoring and mud gas behavior.

Coordinate and conduct pre-job meetings at the well site prior to coring and electrical logging operations and each time it is considered necessary.

Participate actively, through the interpretation of all available data, in the identification and evaluation of drilling hazards (losses, gains, overpressure, hydrocarbon gas, acid gas, swelling clays, differential sticking, caving, etc.).

Inform at any time the drilling supervisor on site and COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE of any new real time data input that can improve drilling operations efficiency and safety.

Take on site decision to initiate coring, intermediate logging, to continue or halt drilling at casing points, etc., in accordance with the well program and after prior approval of COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE.

Integrate all available data for optimized well steering and, accordingly, shall adjust drilling targets while drilling.

Guarantee well data flow from the rig to COMPANY’s office. The modalities and frequency of the data and report(s) transfer shall be fixed by COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE.

Supervise and check the labelling, conditioning and shipment of fluid and solid samples collected in the well.

Perform quick look log interpretation at the well site, either during or at the end of a drilling phase, to optimize operational decisions.

Participate, at WORKSITE, to the well preparation process and at the end of the well shall contribute to the evaluation and quantification of the hydrocarbons recognized in the well.

Contribute to the training of COMPANY’s junior geologists at WORKSITE.

Tools and software used for the performance of the SERVICES:
-WINLOG – GRAVITAS: (HRH software) for drawing-up litholog, daily report and end of well report
-CORAL: corporate software for Gas While Drilling (GWD) calculation of gas show interpretation
-NAVIPRO & STEERFAST: corporate excel calculation sheet for trajectory follow-up of deviated and geosteered wells
-Word, Excel, PowerPoint: Microsoft office package
-DrillWorks Predict: (KNOWLEDGE SYSTEMS software) for formation pressure evaluation before, while and after drilling.
-AMBER: corporate software for qualitative and/or quantitative reservoir evaluation to quantify the volume of hydrocarbons in the well.
-PEARL: corporate software for pore pressure and fluid sampling reporting, validation and interpretation.
-GEOLOG: (PARADIGM software, version 7 or higher) for quantitative reservoir evaluation to quantify the volume of hydrocarbons in the well.
Minimum required experience: in similar field of expertise Two (2) years in "Wellsite Geology " SERVICES including "Mudlogging" activity. Five (5) years in "Wellsite Geology” SERVICES
Certification: Must have the IFP (Institut Français du Petrole) Certificate. No CV without IFP would be reviewed. Valid BOSIET or HUET certificate required as well, since mission is offshore.
Other Geology Certification shall demonstrate appropriate skills and experience in the following critical areas:
-HSE matters,
-Drilling operations,
-Mudlogging supervision,
-Pore pressure evaluation,
-Roles and responsibilities of a Wellsite Geologist or of an office Operation Geologist,
-Data acquisition systems and procedures (logging while drilling, wireline logging, coring, data transmission, etc.

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