Manager, Reservoir Engineering - Houston

at Core Technologies
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted August 15, 2017
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent


Integrated Reservoir Solutions is looking to expand its engineering capabilities and requires the services of a seasoned engineering manager. The candidate must demonstrate competency in reservoir, and completion engineering for a variety of different reservoir types and settings. They require a good understanding of the geosciences, how to apply it to reservoir engineering, and have the ability to generate innovative solutions to reservoir challenges that may crossover several professional disciplines. Knowledge of reservoir simulation modeling is preferred and experience in project and team management is a must, as well as a willingness to do the work themselves. The primary focus of this position will be the optimization of hydraulic fracture stimulation programs, the development of enhanced oil recovery schemes in unconventional reservoirs and oil and gas asset evaluations. The successful candidate will be expected to build and expand these engineering business applications on behalf of IRS division. The candidate will be responsible for all engineering and petrophysical log operations for IRS-Houston including business, project, technical, and employee management as well as client relations.


Business Management

Defines and executes department strategy to enhance division operations and contributes to the overall strategy of the division.

Conducts regular team meetings to ensure good communication and flow of information.

Responsible for tracking and forecasting engineering revenue generated to be used for monthly corporate financial guidance (Flash Report)

Responsible for overall coordination between Engineering and Sales team to forecast upcoming wells and projects to ensure proper resources allocation.

Part of the IRS Management Team and participates in management meetings.

Responsible for the content, quality, and utility of all engineering client deliverables (RAPID, CoreClientWeb, workshops, preliminary and final reports, presentations, posters, panels) and includes participation in technical review committees with other departments.

Manage IRS engineering-oriented JIP and projects related to completions, EOR technologies, and asset evaluations.

Make recommendations to continually improve and enhance the technical proposals and client deliverables.

The incumbent must actively participate in the technical community involved with hydraulic fracturing and enhanced oil recovery. Authorship and presentation of technical papers and communications to the technical community is strongly encouraged.

Project Management

Conduct project review meetings to ensure timing, budget and technical content meet project objectives as well as client’s expectations.

Liaise with IRS management, Sales and other operational departments to drive deliverables on all elements of the assigned projects.

Reviews project status reports with engineering staff to ensure deadlines are met.

Responsible for oversight of project leaders to ensure efficiency and effective project management including staff utilization, coordination with support services, the timely posting of data, and clients are regularly informed of work progress.

Liaise with other members of the IRS management team to maximize profitability, increase efficiency, expand products and services, and support other divisions.

Primary engineering support liaison to all IRS locations.

Technical Management

Responsible for the technical development of staff including training and ensuring cross-training and task-sharing between engineering and petrophysical groups.

Ensure client requests or technical questions are addressed in a timely manner.

Responsible for engineering data interpretation and modeling utilized in IRS projects.

Responsible for the design and lab data integration from enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects.

Conduct evaluations of hydraulically-fractured well performance and the identification of factors key to production behavior in the context of stimulation design and execution and the geologic and petrophysical parameters and environments. Provides recommendations for improvements in stimulation design.

Innovative and independent technical expert in reservoir engineering and utilization of this technical expertise in IRS projects and client support as well as other divisions as required.

Conducts and manages hydraulic fracture design and post-job diagnostics & requires proficiency using various hydraulic fracturing software tools including GOPHER & Predict-K.

Strong knowledge of petrophysical log analysis methods and interpretations

Broad technical knowledge in physics, chemistry, geochemistry, mathematics with the ability to utilize this knowledge to solve complex reservoir problems.

Employee Management

Defines necessary resources for each team to accomplish objectives.

Responsible for engineering staffing including staffing needs and staff utilization required to meet the project objectives provided by IRS management and includes short and long-term staff development planning.

Responsible for staff technical development monitored through regular skill assessments.

Responsible for staff assignments for each project to ensure exposure to multiple projects and rock types while maximizing productivity and minimizing disruption.

Responsible for engineering staff advancement including recommendations for special project assignments and promotions.

Responsible for training of engineering staff including monitoring training needs and effectiveness.

Client Relations

Partners with the Business Development team to ensure alignment with department strategic direction.

Engages with clients on products and services offered to customize projects or work flows to address specific technical issues.

Responsible to ensure client requests or technical questions are addressed in a timely manner.

Maintains client relationships based on in-depth understanding of client’s needs.

Proactively and regularly provide relevant updates to key stakeholders based on client engagement.

Responsible for coordinating engineering technical support to sales and business development such as presentations, discussions, data review and interpretation, or industry forums and meetings.

Participates in IRS workshops, often as a presenter, as an engineering technical expert.


BS degree in petroleum engineering and 15 years of experience (MS or PhD preferred)

Outstanding engineering knowledge and technical and interpretive skills in all reservoirs (sandstones, carbonates, mudstones) and production mechanisms.

Broad knowledge of petroleum geology, core analysis, geochemistry, petrophysics, petroleum information systems.

Has successfully completed a number of large-scale projects

Strong knowledge of fundamental technical concepts of data interpretation and analytics

Strong project and employee management skills required

Strong oral, written and listening communications skills required

Ability to present technical material including organization, layout, and synthesis

Strong communication and planning skills.

Registered geologist certification recommended

Proficient in Microsoft office and department specific IT software


Mobility (walk, climb, carry)

Senses (sight, talk, hear, smell)


Working at heights or confined spaces

Operating specific (mechanical/motorized) equipment


Irregular working hours

Working in shifts (including nights, weekends, holidays)

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