Lead Subsurface - Reservoir Engineer or Production Technologist — Nigeria

at CSS Corporate Solutions, LLC
Location Nigeria
Date Posted April 14, 2016
Category Reservoir Engineer
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 15


This role should be filled by either a Reservoir Engineer or a Production Technologist, with a minimum of 15 years industry experience, including at least 5 years of supervising a multi-disciplinary technical team including; Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Reservoir Engineers and Production Technologists.

Other attributes must include good understanding of petroleum economics, project management and risk evaluation.


Technical Depth:

  1. Reservoir Engineer

Minimum of 15 years industry experience.


Key requirements:

  • Ability to critically review historical information and develop a good understanding of reservoir drive mechanisms, depletion methodology and key risks
  • Ability to estimate reserves and oversee periodic reserve updates as well as manage the preparation of Competent Persons Reports
  • Good understanding of reservoir sweeping techniques and ability to formulate plans to optimise productivity
  • Reservoir modelling and characterisation
  • Development of opportunity portfolio and FDPs
  • Good understanding of source, migration, trapping and sealing principles in the Niger Delta and more specifically in the Akata formation
  • Detailed understanding of water fingering and water migration
  • Good understanding of associated and non-associated gas development and optimization
  • Ability to develop and manage an active reservoir model
  • Good understanding of the development of well proposals, including probabilistic and single point chance of success estimates
  • Understanding of well proposal economics and thresholds


  1. Production Technologist

Minimum of 15 years industry experience.


Key requirements:

  • Good understanding of inflow properties, including reservoir flow dynamics and wellbore dynamics
  • Ability to optimize and determine maximum efficiency rates
  • Ability to manage well productivity based on interpretation of well test data and historical performance analysis
  • Manage well data base including pressure regimes, water production, oil production, sand production and other properties
  • Understanding the impact of wellhead pressure control and short, medium, and long term well performance
  • Ability to develop and manage an OFS type model for the field
  • Good understanding of contributing pay zones, producible zones and by-passed pay
  • Ability to develop and contribute to the a field opportunity portfolio
  • Understanding of well economics especially relating to water handling and viable limits and thresholds
  • Ability to lead a multi-disciplinary team (must have done this before) to lead to the development of field development plans (for senior role)
  • Good understanding of project management principles (for senior role)
  • Basic understanding of production operations (for senior role)
  • Good understanding of the regulatory environment, including required reporting from the relevant stakeholders (for senior role)
  • Ability to execute growth plans and deliver required volume growth

If interested, contact Pat Winn, pwinn@cssps.net for further details of job description and include your CV.

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