Graduate Geoscientist in Melbourne, Australia

at ExxonMobil
Location Melbourne, Australia
Date Posted March 28, 2018
Category Geophysicist
Job Type Permanent


ExxonMobil is interested in finding outstanding scientists who have a strong fundamental background in the earth sciences, physical sciences, and mathematics. We have excellent proprietary capabilities in teaching petroleum science and technology, and therefore do not require new geoscientists to have any prior petroleum course work or experience.
ExxonMobil geoscientists are deployed across the Upstream to support the Corporation's goal of finding, developing and producing hydrocarbon resources and reserves. A geoscientist at ExxonMobil can expect to solve geologic problems in numerous basins, in various work settings, and in all the different business stages from exploration to development through production. In addition, we have roles for geoscientists specializing in different technical areas, including seismic data acquisition and processing, formation evaluation, etc.
Job Role Summary
Geoscientists with ExxonMobil are expected to develop a broad range of fundamental geoscience skills and the ability to comprehend, integrate knowledge, ideas and skills to solve geologic problems across Exploration, Development and Production functions. They typically have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and expertise throughout their careers. Assignments will provide the opportunity to acquire these fundamental skills through on-the-job experience and training. Over the span of a career, assignments could include time in our various Upstream companies.
Exploration Company
Assignments are at the basin to play to prospect scale and focus on discovering and assessing new hydrocarbon discoveries. Regional teams integrate data on a pore to plate, play to basin scale to identify areas for future exploration or to better define an existing exploration trend. New opportunity teams typically work in unexplored and under-explored areas, leveraging new concessions or discoveries that help confirm prospectivity and provide the opportunity to capture and mature blocks and prospects. Operation teams drill wildcat wells to test prospect viability and commerciality.
Development Company
Assignments are at field scale, working on discovered undeveloped assets. Geoscientists in these roles deliver accurate subsurface descriptions and communicate key risks and uncertainties in support of appraisal activity, development planning, facilities design, construction, commissioning, and startup of the major Upstream capital projects. Development drill well planning, detailed reservoir characterization and integration with engineering studies are key activities at this business stage.
Production Company
Assignments are done at the reservoir to field scale and focus on defining, developing and depleting new or mature existing fields. A strong emphasis in these assignments will be to build skills in integrating and interpreting geological, geophysical and production data, such as core, fluids, outcrops, and seismic, using advanced mapping, interpretation, modeling and other techniques, working with engineering counterparts to optimize business results.
Preferred Skills and Experience
Ability to integrate knowledge, varied data sets, analogs and ideas to solve geological problems to support the business. Provide sound judgment, timeliness and aptitude in application of geoscience tools and techniques; and, desire to maintain competitive advantage through advanced training and superior technological understanding.
There is a requirement for demonstrated leadership, adaptability, teamwork, excellent communication skills in English, and a commitment to high safety and ethical standards. In addition, candidates should be able to work effectively within and across diverse team environments. The company regards its global and long-term approach to hiring and career development as the foundation of its future success as a company, and as a source of great opportunity for scientists who want to grow their skills and capabilities for a long-term career.
Job Requirements
Bachelor of Science (Honours), Master of Science or PhD in Geology or Geophysics
Geoscientists hired will start work in one of the Exploration, Development or Production companies and be based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Applicants are required to have Australian citizenship or permanent residency.

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