at Caerus Oil and Gas
Location Denver, United States
Date Posted August 3, 2016
Category Geologist
Job Type Contract


  • In depth working knowledge of the oil and gas business, the drilling and well logging companies and their products, the oil and gas data supply vendors, and the day to day business of the G&G department.
  • Perform all general administrative and support tasks as specified by his/her supervisor or direct report.
  • Attend all training opportunities provided by the company and develop working contacts with all trainers for future reference and contact.
  • Learn PETRA software; main database, mapping, and cross section modules, developing the capability to work in all modules to produce maps, cross sections, and database spreadsheets and scout tickets for the G&G staff.
  • Learn CANVAS software and its relationship to PETRA and MS PowerPoint software
  • Learn Global Mapper software and its nuances and application to the G&G fields of use.
  • Develop expertise in building, maintaining, and formatting databases: includes downloading or manually inputting well spots, formation tops, production data, and miscellaneous scout information. Learn to convert and/or enter hard copy and/or analog information into digital format.
  • Manipulate databases using Excel, Access, PETRA and other software packages.
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of all data (scout information, maps, well logs, published articles, etc.) relevant to a well, prospect, or project and the skills to retrieve said data from all possible repositories (libraries, internet sites, governmental agencies) of geologic, oil and gas, and well information.
  • Learn to acquire, load, and depth register well log data (hard copy, analog and/or digital) with the pertinent PETRA module.
  • Retrieve, load, and manipulate production, scout, cartography data, and well logs, digital and analog (raster image), files from IHS, MJSystems, A2D, and state conservation, oil and gas commission, and geologic survey websites.
  • Develop an understanding of geophysical data acquisition, storage, loading and mapping.
  • Maintain hard copy data files on magnetic tapes, CD’s etc.
  • Maintain and update regional activity maps.



  • TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: A good understanding of basic geological principles.
  • COMPUTER SKILLS: Strong working knowledge of computer applications in a PC environment. Capacity and willingness to learn quickly and employ the operation of geological / geophysical interpretive software. Must have good working knowledge of MS Office software, especially Excel and PowerPoint.
  • ANALYTICAL SKILLS: Ability to logically analyze and solve problems with minimal supervision. Possess good decision-making ability. Be team and task oriented. Possess good organizational skills.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE/CLERICAL SKILLS: Ability to carry out multiple administrative assignments in an effective and efficient manner and prioritize the workload as required.
  • COMMUNICATION: Capable of clear, effective and concise communication, both orally and written, with all levels of corporate management.
  • STANDARDS: Highest personal and professional ethical values, impeccable integrity, excellent work ethic.


  • Requires a Bachelor’s degree in geoscience.


  • Must have 1-8 years geoscience experience.

Job Type: Full-time

Required education:

  • Bachelor's

Required experience:

  • GEOSCIENCE (1-8 YEARS): 1 year

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