GEOLOGY EXPERT (STUDIES) Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Location Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Date Posted July 13, 2016
Category Geologist
Job Type Contract
Min. Years Experience Required 12


Job Title


Organization Name


Department Description

The COMPANY functions throughout onshore development sites as well as in the shallow coastal waters of Abu Dhabi.

The Company was incorporated in 1978 to oversee operations in onshore concession areas covering approximately 21,000 square kilometers including five of the most important mainland oilfields in the region. During the first quarter of 2006, the inauguration of the North East BAB has been started.


Brief Posting Description

Job Purpose & Scope

Provides advice related to Reservoir Geology matters to help asset teams achieve their field development objectives. This requires someone with breadth and depth of technical knowledge and experience as well as excellent interpersonal skills. The scope of the job covers the following major areas.


1 Provides asset teams with advice and consultation in Geologic studies/assessment activities that directly impact COMPANY's short and long term field development plans.

2 Promotes effective integration of the key aspects of Reservoir Geology with other disciplines during the elaboration of development plans and of integrated static models.

3 Provides advice on Reservoir Geology technologies and standard practices and promotes their application in COMPANY.

4 Promotes knowledge sharing between teams through use of forums, workshops, technology focus groups (TFG), etc.

5 Supports efforts to develop Reservoir Geology staff with special emphasis on UAE Nationals.


Job Dimensions

Financial Context

Operating Budget ($million USD)

Nature of budgetary control

Capital Budget ($million USD)

Nature of budgetary control

Contracts Value ($million USD)

Nature of budgetary control


Operational Context

Latitude of Operation

The Geology Expert is frequently called upon as the technical reference in supporting the various geologic studies carried out within the assets.

The individual in the position plays a mentoring role for UAE National geologists.

Empowered to exercise maximum freedom, within broad professional and industry standards, is a key attribute of the position.

Occupies a front-line, visible and high profile position. Regular high level contacts with COMPANY / ADNOC Management and Shareholders representatives and major oil Service Company on specific technical issues related with Geosciences activities, with the focus on Reservoir & Review Geology.


Work Interfaces

As requested participates in FFD Planning and provide consultation on the work issues and progress.

Builds strong relationships with related functions/assets up to the level of manager.

Communicates with the shareholders on the transfer of technology related to Reservoir Geology.


Detailed Description

Main Duties

Understands and promotes the company's health, safety & environmental policy and objectives; performs work in accordance with the company's established rules, regulations and approved procedures; intervenes to stop unsafe acts and practices; and is accountable for the well being and safety of own self and others, including all contracted labor force - unskilled, semiskilled, and skilled.

Participates in the training and development of the Reservoir Geologists, with special emphasis on UAE Nationals. This includes assessing training needs and preparation of structured development programs.

Maintains contacts with shareholders and industry on latest advances in Reservoir Geology, reservoir characterization and evaluation, static reservoir modeling, advanced integration of seismic interpretation results, software and hardware.

Holds regular Reservoir Geology forums and multi-discipline meetings to promote the transfer of experience, knowledge and best practices across COMPANY from shareholders and industry.

Promotes and participates in internal and external peer assists and reviews.


Job Requirements

Minimum of MSc in Geology and/or Geophysics


Work Experience

Preferably, 12+ years varied relevant industry experience.

Significant experience in application of geosciences in appraisal, well planning and execution, field development, reservoir characterization, geological modeling and interface with reservoir simulation models.




  • Superior communication, leadership and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent project management skills including business and technical risk analysis.
  • Have a working understanding of the capabilities/limitations of Geosciences software and tools, with the focus on Reservoir Geology.

Physical Demands

Work Environment

  • Minimal - regular walking, standing, and keyboard use for up to 50% of the work day
  • 70% air conditioned office
  • 30% field visits


Key Accountabilities

Technical Responsibilities

Promote Reservoir Geology learning's across the geosciences community within COMPANY.

Promote continuous improvement, results oriented culture, feedback loops and peer group review.

Promote industry best practices related to Reservoir Geology and high quality, "fit-for-purpose", deficiency free work.

Promotes a coherent link between Geology and static / dynamic models.


Advises on major COMPANY Geology activities, including but not limited to:

Integration of structural data and geo-mechanical studies.

Use of high resolution sequence stratigraphy in the static modeling framework.

Characterization of geological facies, Reservoir Rock Types (RRT) and/or Petrophysical Groups (PG), reservoir/flow units and permeability prediction.

Compartmentalization studies using seismic data, geochemistry (mud logging & HC finger printing) and pressure data (RT and transient analysis results) leading to accurate pressure predictions.

Integration of seismic attributes in the static modeling processes.

Uncertainty and risk assessment.

Automated workflows for RRT/PG studies, subsurface map updates and static modeling.

Best practices for core description, reservoir characterization and static modeling.

Support the well planning and execution processes.

Advise on reservoir and related geological software and hardware strategies and requirements.


Competence Assurance

Assists on Reservoir Geology related CAM's program, Career Ladder, Recruitment and Training.

Working & Performance Improvement Systems:

Provide asset teams with advice and consultation in Reservoir & Geology related studies & activities that directly impact COMPANY's short and long term field development plans.

Participates in the development of integrated models for Full Field Development Plans.

Participates in defining the best practice/methods for core description, reservoir characterization, static modeling and uncertainty evaluation.

Updates knowledge management system to improve geological studies results and minimize loss of geological "knowledge" from staff turnover and retirement.


Problem Solving Abilities

A clear capacity to see the big picture. High tolerance for ambiguity with the ability to creatively solve problems where precedent is not sufficient to solve such problems.

Ability to identify the key leveraging variables in complex situations involving multiple disciplines.

Due to the advisory role of the position the incumbent is continuously on-call. The incumbent will need the mental rigor to deal with frequent disruptions and to make optimal technical decisions regardless of the nature or timing of the disruption.

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