Geologist in Lagos, Nigeria

at Oil Refining Company Limited
Location Lagos, Nigeria
Date Posted July 23, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


The incumbent will be part of a small team comprising the relevant petroleum engineering core skills, including well engineering and process engineering.
We are looking for Refinery & Petrochemical experience candidates for world biggest single train oil refinery project.

Site based Process operations for Nigeria, Lagos.

Qualification - Bachelor's degree in Geology or a related science as appropriate to the required discipline. An advanced degree is preferred.
Experience - Minimum 10 years - 15 years from Oil & Gas / Construction / Infrastructure.
Below is the Job Description for Geologist
• Drive the implementation of the field optimization of the producing fields, oil gas and condensate, including location preparation, well planning, drilling and hook-up to the production stations, with specific focus on HSE, Cost, Time and Recovery per well.
• Drive the recovery per well of the existing producing wells, ensure that the well and reservoir management processes are fit for purpose, documented and engrained in our own organization and in that our partners, with particular focus on well uptime and increased recovery per reservoir.
• Develop for the producing fields, the input into the Integrated Production System Model, starting with consistent seismic to top sands structure maps, full static reservoir models, and hydrocarbon in place calculations.
• Detailed well planning, with drillable wells, lowest unit cost wellplans, from surface to well reservoir penetration.
• Ensure a world class database that is third party verifiable. The summary document, the E-well book, is the life Asset Reference Document and is formerly updated quarterly with the relevant historic dynamic and static data for the field, the top reservoir maps, correlation panels, type logs, the wells, drainage points, reservoirs, and flowstation and surface infrastructure.
• Contribute to the Business Planning Process for First and ND Western, budget costs and Hydrocarbon forecasting! Ensure alignment and timely approvals both internal and with partners and government bodies alike, Coordinate the technical input into the Management Committee meetings with our partners.
• Contribute to the generation, coordination and delivery of the approval processes, for drilling Well proposals, well data gathering campaigns, Well re-entry and work proposals. Ensure seamless integration between Exploration, Well Engineering, Production and Finance alike.
• Work out discipline specific guidelines and procedures to ensure all work is carried out safely adhering to best international technical practices.
The ideal candidate must possess the following:
• Bachelor's degree in Geology or a related science as appropriate to the required discipline. An advanced degree is preferred.

• 10-15 years' experience in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigerian and possibly international, covering both land, swamp and deep-water experience.
• Track record in Field Development Planning and execution, Production Seismology, Structural & Reservoir Correlation and Top Sands Mapping, Static Reservoir 3D Modeling, Sand thickness, Porosity, Saturation & Hydrocarbon thickness and STOIIP and GIIP calculations, using deterministic and statistical methodologies.
• Field experience, drilling and monitoring of development and appraisal wells, openhole logging, mudlogging, geomechanical analysis, fault seal analysis and pressure prediction.
• Track record in Production System Asset, Reservoir Planning & Monitoring, Modelling and Optimization, Forecasting, by Asset, Reservoir and drainage point.
• Full understanding from static modeling to reservoir analysis, to point of sales, including openhole logging, production sampling, production testing, BSW analysis etc.
• Field Maps, top sands and all related derivative maps and well correlation data base stewardship, input into the dynamic models and ultimately Asset and Reservoir stewardship, Resource reporting.
• Technical innovator and entrepreneur, track record in finding solutions to increasing the recovery per dollar invested and operated.
• A recognized leader in the discipline.
• Excellent technical and communication skills with a strong emphasis on teamwork.
• Fluency in written and spoken English language.
Technical Skills
• Ability to translate complex operational and development issues into simple solutions,
• High level of independent thinking and reasoning, based on sound technical and commercial fundamentals.
• Understanding and application of the key drivers of operations and well reservoir management including seismic, reservoir engineering, petrophysics, production technology, well engineering, process engineering and production operations.
• Ability to generate good quality technical reports.
Business Skills
• Ruthless bottomline focus, ability to translate and articulate technical solutions into the key business drivers, HSE, Cost and Production.
• Fully understand and able to articulate how the company is making its money and how he and his department can drive the bottomline, short term, medium term and long term of the company.
• Implement fit for purpose business processes, including efficient and effective translation of opportunity to project plan, and planned liquids and gas into the tank. With support processes fit for purpose but hard coded, including IAP, budget approvals, authority to execute, priority setting and staff allocation, time writing, maintaining personal log books and project handbooks.
• Supervise and coordinate subordinates.
Team Skills
• Interact and work effectively with other professionals in group/project team and in other disciplines.
Personal Skills
• Readily accept views and guidance from supervisors and input from subordinates.
• Ability and focus on driving own professional and career development (technical affiliations, SPE etc).
• Demonstrate high level of oral and written skills (English), good listening ability, demonstrate personal initiative and ability to mentor subordinates.

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