Geologist, Denver, Colorado

at PDC Energy
Location Denver, United States
Date Posted October 31, 2016
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent
Min. Years Experience Required 2


A brief description summarizing the overall purpose and objectives of the position and the results the worker is expected to accomplish.


The Geologist is responsible for gathering and analyzing geological data in order to narrow the range of parameter uncertainties and increase the probability of the success for prospects within his area of responsibility. This role is responsible for generating new drill sites, recommending leasing efforts, designing and coordinating geological operational support for drilling programs, gathering data and evaluating drilled wells, and keeping abreast of emerging geological, drilling and completion technologies and E&P practices. The incumbent is responsible for oversight of horizontal drilling activities including Geosteering, & close co-ordination with directional drillers.


The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done.

  1.  Delineation and recommendation of prospects for drilling;
  2. Generation of subsurface geological models to aid in: reservoir description including size, shape, continuity and quality, development planning, reservoir production and well performance prediction;
  3. Evaluation of new development opportunities for existing fields by use of subsurface data (logs, cores, seismic) and production data;
  4. Generation of prospect-level isopach maps, lithofacies maps, structure maps, production maps and cross-sections from well logs, cores, seismic interpretation, surface geology, remote sensing and other geological tools;
  5. Recommending, where appropriate, the acquisition of additional geological or geophysical data;
  6. Determination of land situation and preparation of lease recommendations;
  7. Design and execution of drilling operational support including overseeing well site work, mud logging, open hole logging and open hole testing;
  8. Monitoring Geosteering and directional drilling of horizontal wells;
  9. Preparation of post-drilling assessment;
  10. Working closely with Geosciences & Engineering staff in understanding key factors controlling hydrocarbon accumulations and production;
  11. Providing geological support to management for acquisition decisions;
  12. Review, evaluate and make recommendations on farm-ins, farm-outs, lease rentals and drilling locations;
  13. Monitoring industry activity within area of responsibility to ensure detection and analysis of significant trends and developments;
  14. Keeping abreast of emerging technologies and E&P practices.

The specific minimum competencies required for job performance.

  1. Thorough knowledge of and enthusiasm for petroleum geology;
  2. Ability to work with technical people of other professions;
  3. A thorough and methodical approach to geological problem solving;
  4. Ability to search for, find and analyze data from eclectic sources;
  5. Clarity of expression, both written and verbal;
  6. Attentive to accurate detail;
  7. Ability to visualize in 3-D;
  8. Ability to distil the essence of a prospect from large amounts of information;
  9. Creativity in problem solving;
  10. Ability to work on a team;
  11. A highly motivated self-starter;
  12. Evidence of self-sufficiency and self-assurance;
  13.  Tenacious curiosity and an investigative mind;
  14. Ability to take responsibility for important decisions;
  15. Ability to keep abreast of developments in the field;
  16. Geographix experience preferred;
  17. Delaware or Permian Basin experience preferred;
  18. Kingdom SMT experience preferred.

The scope of the person’s authority, including a list of jobs that report to the incumbent.

  1. This position has no supervisory responsibilities.

The environment in which the job is performed, especially any unique conditions outside a normal office environment.

  1. Consistent with that of a normal office environment;
  2. Some travel required to drill sites or other field operation sites.


The minimum level of education, experience, and certifications required to perform the job.

  1. Master’s Degree in Geology required;
  2. 2 to 5 years recent experience in Continental US onshore E & P;
  3. Horizontal play experience.



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