Geologist Advisor (Static Geomodeler) in Houston, United States

at Noble Energy, Inc.
Location Houston, United States
Date Posted December 20, 2018
Category Geologist
Job Type Permanent


The Geologist Advisor will build static geomodels for both conventional and unconventional projects. This will involve working on teams of geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, and engineers who are characterizing the subsurface and optimizing hydrocarbon extraction. Projects will include conventional and unconventional assets in a variety of depositional environments, structural fold, fault, and fracture geometries, and development stages ranging from early exploration to the last years of production. The work has potential to evolve into a team lead or multi-team management role in reservoir characterization, exploration, or development.

Detailed Description

· Build static reservoir models using Petrel and all available geologic data and interpretations (structural frameworks, facies models, petrophysical models, volumes)
· Update static models based on new concepts, data, or interpretations
· Identify uncertainty parameters, use Petrel to rank them and characterize their impact, and build base-case, P10, P50, and P90 versions of the model for use in simulation
· Up-scale from geologic static model to simulation static model for input to Eclipse
· Assist team in well planning and optimization using appropriate Petrel tools
· Document each project in a manner that allows others to independently rebuild the model
· Conduct Peer reviews of static models built by Noble teams
· Train individuals in the use of Petrel, coach new modelers in the art of building a model, and act as mentor for those making a career in reservoir characterization
· Stay current with methods used in the industry to build static models
· Identify and implement corporate best practices in reservoir characterization
· When necessary, work with Noble employees and/or third-party vendors to modify or develop tools that give Noble an economic and competitive advantage when using static models to exploit hydrocarbon reserves

Job Requirements

· Mapping and modeling in Petrel, related to: grid-based mapping, cell-based modeling, volume calculation, uncertainty analysis
· Seismic in Petrel, including: interpretation, attributes, depth conversion
· Fundamental understanding and experience in well log use and top picking
· Geostatistics as related to: variogram definition, co-kriging, and modeling algorithms
· Rock mechanics and impact on vertical and lateral hydraulic fracture growth
· Moving ASCII and Studio files to and from Petrel (seismic, wells, logs, tops, points, polygons)
· Generate new approaches through innovation and creativity in defining methods for characterizing and solving subsurface problems

Additional Details

· Masters or equivalent in Geology or Geophysics
· 15+ years in Oil and Gas industry working for or dealing with:
o Major or independent operating companies building geomodels and/or characterizing the subsurface
o Vendors supplying service or software for geomodelling
· 5+ years acting as a team lead or project manager associated with subsurface characterization
· Extensive knowledge in building and using Petrel workflows for:
o Model construction
o Volume calculation
o Uncertainty analysis
· Participating in or conducting Equity redeterminations
· Collaborating with partners to develop or adopt and apply new technologies

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